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Dec 2, 2007
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I was just wondering how many people on here were expecting twins, but lost one early on in the pregnancy.

With my youngest, I started with VERY heavy bleeding and cramps at about 7 weeks pregnant. I went to A+E on a Sat aft, and they scanned me that evening and all they could see was a collapsed irregular gestational sac that measured 6 and a half weeks.

I went back on the following Friday for a repeat scan, after spending all week with still bright red bleeding and cramps, and I knew I had lost my baby, i knew the amount of blood and that the baby was gone.

So imagine my suprise when they show me on the scan a healthy baby with a heartbeat!!!!! There was also still the collapsed and irregular gestational sac that once was home to his twin.

At the time i was just so happy that I still had a baby there that it didn't sink in that I had lost a baby.

I've heard of the term 'vanishing twin' but this isn't what i had, as with vanishing the twin is just gone, there is no evidence of bleeding, cause the sac etc is just absorbed by the body.

There was no way we could tell why I miscarried his twin, i guess it was just one of those things.

Has this happened to anyone else?
this happened to a friend of mine hun at 9 weeks she woke up drenched in blood it was awful ive never seen so much blood and a big lump down toilet we were certain she had lost the baby when we got to the hospital she still had twins but had lost a 3rd baby it was a huge shock to still even be pregnant so i dont think she gave the 3rd baby much thought till after she had actually had the babies xxxxxxxx
This has happened to a friend of mine and a teacher i worked with the year i had Hannah my frined lost her at 7 weeks but the teacher i worked with lost her at 22 weeks she was expecting 2 boys which are apparently the hardest to carry and they had twin to twin transfusion and one of the boys heart stopped at 22 weeks she went on to have harry at 29 weeks
I lost one twin a week before i lost the second twin, i was told that it is common to lose a twin and most people never even know that they were pregnant with twins.
That happened to me... :think: When I had Tia, at 6/7 weeks I began to bleed really heavily, really bad cramps, the lot... was rushed to hospital where they scanned me and said I'd miscarried...come back in a week if you are still having probs and we will do a D&C...after I week I went back and they booked me in for a D&C.... just before they were going to do the D&C they said they wanted to do a standard preliminary scan before hand and lo and behold there was a heart beat that turned into my 8 year old daughter...

There was never any explanation... twin loss was briefly mentioned... so I just don't know... :( but Tia was born with a rare condition called Poland Syndrome which has been attributed to the heavy bleeding I had in my early pregnancy... although this is unproven yet... they don't know what causes it really...

TBH the NHS hospital was cr*p... brutal and dismissive.... so even if it had been a twin loss I don't think they would have said anything...

After seeing so many woman go through the tradgedy of loosing their only baby... I am just overly grateful to have at least kept one...
After seeing so many woman go through the tradgedy of loosing their only baby... I am just overly grateful to have at least kept one...

that's exactly how i felt at the time, but there are times now when i look at him and think that he should be sat next to his twin sister or brother.

yeah, i hear about 1 in 8 pregnancies are twin pregnancies where one is lost.
This happened to my best friend she already had a miscarriage previosuly so when it happened in this pregnancy she was very upset went to get a scan done to make sure everythign was all clear and the lady said she was pregnant with twins and one was still healthy . Her son is now 6 months old :)
I couldnt imagine how it must feel to think your losing a baby then to find out you did but still have one healthy one . :hug:

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