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    Mar 30, 2005
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    im trying to get pregnant and my last AF ended march14 so im not due until around the same time in april. but on march 28 i started spotting ! well today it kinda got worse well not to bad ,but all im wondering is if anyone knows why this would happen?and if i still could have gotten pregnant or if i should keep trying? :?

    please help me
    thanx L
  2. Lou

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Hi L

    My opinion would be, going by your dates, that the 28th would be around the time you are ovulating but depending on when you ovulate it could also be implantation bleeding.

    Remember that you count your monthly cycle from the first day of your last AF and not the last day of AF so you're next AF would not necessarily be due around the same time (14th) in april. It would be 3-5 days before the 14th depending on how long your AF usually lasts.

    Unless you know the average length of your cycle, usual length of AF, and the date your AF started it would be hard to calculate any time of the month for ovulation or possible pregnancy.

    :) lou

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