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TTC for 8 mths still not got OV time right - need advice ! !


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Dec 10, 2007
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please please can you all help me.

been ttc for 8 months now and i haven't once got the timing right as far as OV goes.

What do you all do, can you point me in the right direction, give me advice as to what to do going forward for my next cycle at the end of this month. Currently i'm just using clearblue sticks, but not getting anywhere with them.....

Thanks in advance for your help, feeling very anxious this month, need to get going and moving on this. I at least need to know i'm BD at the RIGHT time. As I currently don't think i am...

Sorry for the rant........
Why not try charting? It involves taking your temp every day beofre you get up to see what the patttern is, observing you cervical mucus and if you want to using OPK's. There is a great website, Fertility Friend, that will send you an email course to teach you what to do and record all the data and intepret it for you. And there is a chart stalkers thread in this forum for support and advice. It would be very useful if you think you are missing ovulation.

I agree! I have started charting properly for the first time this month. I already know its going to be so useful to me, this is my 9th month TTC, and before now I didnt know how important temping and checking cervical mucus is. I can never tell when my OPK tests are positive either, I either get positives all week or nothing at all, I think I have missed ovulation a few times when really I havent had it at all and I havent BD'd at the right time. So frustrating! This month I should know exactly when Im at my most fertile. Id also buy 'Taking Charge of your Fertility' as that has taught me alot about when Im most fertile and the right time to BD.

If you do start charting remember to take your temp first thing when you wake up, as I wasted last month by not checking my temps at the right time. And when your cervical mucus starts getting creamy and then egg white/watery you should be at your most fertile so have lots of sex then!
Hi Loobie

I've been TTC for 7 months now and I started charting my temps 3 months ago and it's been invaluable. The Fertility freind e-mail chart teaches you what to do and how to do it so there's not much room for error and it's free to register. If it wasn't for charting I would have completely missed my OV this month and been totally unaware of it.

the basics are you take your temperature (you can get a thermometer for recording Basal body temperature from any chemist) as soon as you wake up in the morning, as close to the same time as possible each day. You chart the temperatures on FF and it produces a graph for you that shows the temps. An ideal chart should show an increase in temps after OV as the progesterone that is produced during your luteal phase (the bit between OV and AF) raises you body temperature slightly. You only know you have OV'd after the date because once your temp has risen you have already OD'd but once you've charted for a couple of months you will have a good idea what dates to look out for and other signs like cervical mucus too.

For me this month my predicted OV date was 1st Jan and I did the usual BDing around that date but when my temps still hadn't risen two days later I realised I can't have OV'd so I did and OPK and got a really strong positive for two days running. I got some BDing in on those two days too but if I didn't chart I wouldn't have know that my temps were still low and wouldn't have done the opk and could have missed my OV completely. The other good thing is that now I also know that AF will probably be a bit delayed because I OV'd late so I won't be put through the trauma of thinking AF is late for a few days.
Hang on in there, I didnt ovulate after my m/c for 7 months but asI was able to go to my gynae and said I had tried temping and peeing on ov sticks I was put on clomid straight away. I think that was down to me having tried a few methods to find out when OV was.

Im not saying your not ovulating at all or anything but I agree with the other girls, try a few methods and good luck!! :hug:
Hi Loobie, I can also recommend charting it makes you feel as though you are being really proactive about TTC. I got my BFP the second month that I charted and I was TTC for 11 months in total. Also the chart stalkers on here were a valuable source of support and information :D
Have you got the Taking Charge of your Fertility book? That is a really educational read. It tells you what other signs to look out for such as the changes in your CM. That's more useful than just relying on ov sticks.

Charting is useful as it can in most cases pin point the day you ovulate, so you could try it for a few months and see if there is a regular pattern. That should help you time BD'ing at just the right time.

Good luck, your time for a BFP will come I'm sure.
I also recommend charting. I've been using it for 4 or 5 months and I'm certain it sped things up for us or we'd have been hit or miss all the time.
Have to say that I wasn't convinced that I'd do the whole charting thing but after reading this I'll def give it a go

thanks :cheer:
Yay! Come and join us in Chart Stalkers. I find it all so interesting. Just being so in tune with what is going on in your body is empowering. I dont think Ill be wasting too much time poas anymore or symptom spotting as my chart should be able to tell me whether its all in my head or not. That will save alot of heartache (and money spent on tests!).
Knowing your cervical mucous is a great way of telling when you'll ovulate, this link will help, but yes charting will help lots, and you'll get lots of support there too from other charters, very best wishes :hug:

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