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Jul 8, 2011
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We have yet to introduce our little one to her Grandma as the long journey has put us off thus far. Emily is now 5 weeks and I think we really need to make the journey quite soon. MIL lives a three and half hour drive away (that's without stops) so realistically with LO the journey will take a bit longer allowing for a couple of stops. We are thinking it might be better to stay overnight in a hotel rather than trying to go there and back in a day as we usually do when it's just the two of us.

The thought of making such a long journey and including a hotel stay with such a young baby frightens me quite a lot! We have no routine whatsoever and Emily doesn't sleep for very long periods yet. Does anyone have any advice or tips that might make the journey less daunting and more manageable?

Thanks for any advice ladies! :)
Don't really have any advice but just being nosey. We are going on hoiday to Germany next Thursday and going in the car, we will be stopping every two hours so Jack isn't stuck in his chair.
Yes, I was thinking of a stop at least every two hours to get LO out of the car seat. Enjoy your holiday! :)
We are in the same situation as going away for a weekend in April which is about a 4 hour journey. We are timing our journey so we are at a service station around when she is due a feed but are not going to stop otherwise as I think as a one off a extended stay in the car seat is not going to do any harm. E sleeps really well in hers and often I put her in it to get her to sleep as she goes almost instantly as soon as she is put in it!

Can you stay with grandma?
We recently did a journey that was over 4 hours long. We stopped half way and he was asleep so we didn't disturb him. As soon as we arrived, I changed and fed him. It was absolutely fine. He didn't wake at all. Had him a sleep suit as its nice and comfortable. We also stayed in a hotel. Again, no real issues there. We used a travel cot and he was absolutely fine. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. :) x
Nothing to worry about I'd stay in a hotel but why can't grandma visit.
Hey hun

My OH parents live 5 hrs away and at 3 weeks old and at 8 we took out LO on the train to visit . The first time was terrible she kicked off on the train crying but she did have really bad wind . The second time we went she was a little angel . We took her Freddie the firefly toy and also brought a buggy arch which can go over the car seats as well ( it gave her something to look at and kept her entertained ) .

Nothing to worry about I'd stay in a hotel but why can't grandma visit.

She can't travel anymore as she is quite elderly and not in good health. We have to go to her.
I did a journey about that length last week. G ended up sleeping most of the way, I kinda had to give her a poke at the service station to wake for a feed (cos I was sure we wouldnt make the final stretch of Stirling to Glasgow).

I was staying with my parents but we're planning on booking a hotel room for a couple of weeks time to avoid an early start, I don't imagine it being to tricky. Xxx
I don't have much advice hun sorry but we went on the most horrendous journey ever over Xmas to get back home and Angel was fine. Think she was 5 weeks old, we were taking the 8 hour ferry home and the 2 hour drive back from Liverpool. The ferry was really delayed we were stuck in the car for 6 hours before we could even go on, the ferry itself turned out to be 12 hours instead of 8 as they couldnt dock due to high winds and then we had the 3 hour drive home... needless to say I was absolutely livid we were doing this shitty journey!! Angel was a little star and just slept most of the time. I have read that you should stop every 1-2 hours to take them out the carseat and stretch for a bit... I didn't want to do this in the car as we arrived at 8pm and didn't go on the ferry till 2am and it was far too cold to take her outside. xx.

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