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too old to be swaddled?


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Dec 25, 2006
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I don't know if I'm going to make myself look like a fool now, but...

When do you think is too old for a baby to be swaddled to sleep? Or if you swaddled your baby when did you stop?

Ryan won't sleep unswaddled unless he falls asleep in my arms, or feeding. But then I can't put him down without him waking up arms flailing.

I was only asking because he's getting too big for the moses basket size blankets we swaddle him in. I've got bigger blankets, but should we be getting him to get himself to sleep now? He always has to be rocked to sleep, if we leave him on his own he just screams.

I don't want to over-baby him, so if I have to start leaving him crying himself to sleep then I will...

Maddison was the same, we were swaddling her and rocking her to sleep every night otherwise she would lie and cry. We decided we had to try breaking her of that so we stopped swaddling and put her in a kind of cosytoes sleeping bag we found for newborn babies (so she couldnt kick covers off) in her moses basket and left the room. She cried initially and we went back in and stroked her cheek to reassure her every 10 mins or so and after about 30 mins she was asleep :cheer: We only had to do that the first night because after that she just fell asleep on her own after chatting to herself for 5 mins or so :hug:
I agree with Snuggle; we swaddled gabs at the beginning and the transferred her to a gro bag and she was absolutely fine. She loves her gro bag; even now :D
we have a thin sleeping bag type thing, but he just kicks everywhere still... :?

guess we'll have to try..

i've just put him down and he woke up crying and i rocked him to sleep on our bed.. :? there must be an easier way lol
I never swaddled Arianna - she hated it, she even screamed at the midwife doing it!

But my friend, who's daughter turned one 2wks ago, still gets swaddled. I don't know if thats a good thing to do or not :think: but she just swaddles Caitlin and lies her down in her cot and within 5min she is sleeping.

(P.S. - I love the "I love hanging with Daddy sig of yours - not noticed it before :D)

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