The things we love about our babies...

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Mrs Wibbily, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Mrs Wibbily

    Mrs Wibbily Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    Thought I'd start a lovely thread to remind me of all the little things I love about my baby, just trying to be positive and happy as I'm sat here with him laughing and chuckling at me, whilst he's sat here in a stinking nappy (for the 2nd time in 10 minutes) waiting for a tooth to come through!:wall2:

    Anyway here goes: Finn: I love...

    The way he holds food whilst he tries to shove food as far into his mouth as possible.
    The way his legs cross when he's laid on his back.
    The way his faces scrunches when he's doing his old man face.
    The way he gets stuck on his front and looks like a sky diver with hands and feet off the floor.
    The way he holds my face whilst he sleeps.
    The way he strokes my hair whilst he's feeding.
    The way he says Mum Mum ALL day long.
    The way he grabs his feet and tries to eat his toes.
    The way he grabs my face, pulls it towards him and lands a big kiss right on my lips.:lol:

    Sam: I love...

    The way his face lights up when I pick him up from pre-school.
    The way his has a question for EVERY answer.
    The way he loves Finn and how affectionate he is with him (maybe sometimes a little too affectionate according to Finn's protests).
    The way he tells me he loves me a million times a day.
    The way he explains thing to me with his expressions and his " yeah?" In the middle of eery sentence.
    The way he makes me laugh with his funny faces and silly noises when he knows I need a pick me up.
    The way he cuddles me, it makes me feel so much better and I always take a deep breath and soak it in.
    The way he constantly says "Mummy can you imagine if...?"
    The way he gets changed a 100 times a day so he can be something else, a tennis player, a soldier, a chef. They all make me smile and we have yet to find one that we can't do even without the right costume.

    There are a million more things and I'm sure you all must think i'm a bad Mummy as I didn't say I LOVE EVERYTHING! However it's hard to muster up those words when he's screaming bloody murder at 1.30 in the morning because I need to give my boobs a rest, he won't have his dummy and I want to punch my husband right on his nose!!

    What are your favourite things?

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  2. clairebear22

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    Jan 19, 2010
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    Haha great thread seeing as Harry's started his 4mth sleep regression (i think) and both boys have decided to wake at 5.30!!

    Jack - I love his quirkiness, i love how he HAS to do things his way and when he's ready. I love how he finds the strangest things exciting eg lamp posts, pilons and especially window wipers?! lol. I love that even though he can't talk (tongue tie issues) we still communicate and he can get his point across. I love his beautiful little face especially his super long eyelashes! I love how he could wear a bin bag and still 'rock' it lol. I love my big boy! :)

    Harry - My little comedian!! I love how he laughs at Daddy, huge belly laughs that melt my heart! I love how happy & healthy he is when we got off to a terrible start with colic. I love how vocal he is, he's always squealing & chatting. I love how he holds my fingers while he's having a bottle. I love how he nuzzles into my neck when i'm rocking him to sleep. I love how much character he has in his face, his expressions are fab!
    I love my baby boy!

    5.30 doesn't seem so bad now lol x
  3. Mrs Wibbily

    Mrs Wibbily Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    Whoops had to edit to include my big boy! Naughty mummy! In my defence he was sleeping like an angel and causing me no bother at 2 this morning! Ha ha. X
  4. Mrs Wibbily

    Mrs Wibbily Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    Love these. Xx
  5. babybee

    babybee Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2012
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    Aww what a lovely idea to a post. So beautiful reading your reasons.
    Here are a handful of reasons why I love my daughter more than anything in the universe:

    Her baby sigh when she's asleep
    Her little farts as she sleeps
    Her chubby, stomping feet poking out if her swaddle
    Her natural Mohawk she was born with
    Her cheeks so chubby they sometimes make her face look square
    Her little top lip arching when she sees something of interest
    Her eyes widening and focusing when she likes the look of something
    Her chubby silky soft grabbing hands that shove everything into her mouth
    Her little tubby pot belly
    Her attempts at sitting up and slowly falling back down
    How healthy she is after her tough start to life
    How determined she is at everything (including not going to sleep)
    How she strokes my side when she feeds and holds my finger/top/hair with the other hand.
    How she slowly holds her hands under her chin on the rare occasions she's fed from the bottle.
    How she scrunches up her eyes so hard when she cries
    How lucky I am that she's all mine and my husband's and we get to keep such a perfect little thing forever and ever!
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  6. Chezza

    Chezza Well-Known Member

    Aug 20, 2012
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    Love this thread and have tears in my eyes reading through it! Reasons I love my baby...

    I love the way he grabs my fingers tightly when feeding
    I adore his big smile in the morning when I take him out of his cot for his brekkie bottle
    His gorgeous little chubby cheeks just melt my heart!
    I love him nuzzling his head tightly into my neck and chest after he feeds
    His reactions to me singing and making funny noises are hilarious! I love the faces he pulls
    His laugh is amazing - it makes me feel amazing!
    The way he always farts in the bath and create a jacuzzi effect :)
    When he is really hungry, he screams - but he soon calms when he gets a bottle and makes these gorgeous little growling noises whilst suckling!
    When I see JJ having cuddles with daddy it makes all my worries disappear
    He is such a gorgeous little boy and even though the sleepless nights are still plentiful, his colic had almost gone now and despite being in so much pain, he was such a little trooper!
    Oooh, I also adore his soft, squidgy furry little ears :)

    Words truly can't describe how much I love my boy!!! I may have to add to this post as I think of more things lol! xxxxx
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  7. rheannymac

    rheannymac Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2012
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    Aww lovely thread, just what I need after a week of horrible sleeps!

    They way he grabs my cheeks and sooks on my face as if giving me a kiss, and he only does it to me. Not even daddy gets one!
    The way he always catches a smile off you. Your guaranteed a big cheesy smile if you smile at him! Same with laughing.
    His dimple.
    They way he chats even if he's got his dummy in so it sounds all muffled and cute!
    His wee bum is just the cutest wee thing!
    How he gets so excited when daddy comes in from work.
    How clever he is, he's been ahead on a lot of his milestones especially when trying to get on the move!
    The way he rubs his little his with his fists when he's sleepy
    How ticklish he is.
    How if you try to make him laugh and he's not impressed he'll just raise his eyebrows at you!
    The way he gets excited & squeals whenever the hairdrier is on like he's trying to out-shout it!
    How handsome he is! He's just got such a beautiful face, people always tell me how gorgeous he is

    Just some of the many reasons I love my boy! :love:
  8. CARNAT22

    CARNAT22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2011
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    The easy answer is of course everything - even the weaning poo's and the early morning alarm calls.

    But some of my fave things ever are:

    * Giggles, James has just started giggling properly (before it was when he was tickled), it is such a perfect sound.
    * James pants like a dog when he is excited bout something, he also does his 'Mutley' impression too which is so cute
    * When we are out shopping he will literally shout his little head off, he loves people to know he is there :lol:
    * He adores our cat, he understands her name and he sees her the moment she comes into a room
    * I love watching him from afar and seeing his little face when he spots me, it takes a second but then he realises Mummy was there all along
    * James sleeps with us for an hour every morning and I love waking up to two big eyes just staring at me... Occasionally he'll kick me, pull my hair but normally he just wakes up and stares at me.
    * He has a big voice, but sometimes he makes the most delicate little sounds.
    * I love his 'trumpet playing', when he blows rasberry's it looks like he is trying to play the trumpet :lol:
    * I love the way he'll taste food, look like he hates it but then dive in for more
    * I love the way his little head cocks when he hears keys in the door (meaning Daddy is home)
    * He has a fave song and when it comes on TV he sits there hypnotised.

    I could go on forever actually, I am very lucky that James is a happy baby who sleeps pretty well and is quite easily amused.

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  9. Mrs Wibbily

    Mrs Wibbily Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    Awe ladies I am pinching all your reasons as I can adapt them for my boys.

    Love how Finn Shouts to be heard even if the room is quiet!
    Love how he shakes with excitement when he is happy.
    I love how he strokes daddy's stubble and it sends him into squeals of laughter
    I love how he claps with such enthusiasm
    I love the way he observes people before giving them a massive smile.
    I love my baby.

    I love how Sam holds my hand
    I love how when he has his glass of milk before bed he STILL puts his hand on my tummy to gentle stroke it, something he has done from being a little baby.
    I love my big boy.

    I could go on and on! I'm loving this thread. The little baby reasons are making me broody. Ha ha. X
  10. Pudds86

    Pudds86 Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2009
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    Campbell: i love

    - how when I tuck him into bed he makes a space for me and asks me to sleep with him.
    - how much he loves to read.
    - now he surprises me with how clever he is.
    - how when he says 'stick' it sounds like 'dick'.
    - how when he really wants something he tilts his head to the side and says 'peas peas peas peas?'
    - how much he loves his little sister.
    - when we lay together in my bed in the morning he puts his arm around my neck and pulls me in tight.
    - how handsome he is.

    Lexi: I love

    -her hair
    - her little giggles when I make her laugh.
    - how she looks like me.
    - when people stop us to tell us how beautiful she is.
    - how she is adamant she must be sat up at all times.
    - how she loves her sleep and goes straight through the night.
    - how she loves her daddy.


    Tapatalking :-D Can't see tickers...
  11. Msclaireypants

    Msclaireypants Well-Known Member

    Jul 12, 2012
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    Excellent thread!

    How happy he is to be awake in the morning.

    When I pick him up he throws himself at me in a cuddle.

    The look of amazement on his face when he sees us eating or drinking.

    Our baby conversations.

    How well behaved he is in public.

    How vocal he is.

    When he falls asleep on me and nuzzles my neck.

    How much he adores his dad and his eyes follow him everywhere

    4 months of fun :D

    Spencer David Wilcockson 28/2/2013 6lbs 3.5ozs
  12. Mum2betash

    Mum2betash Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2012
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    What a lovely thread. All I can say is that I love EVERYTHING about Hannah!!! X
  13. ceebee

    ceebee Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2011
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    Ahh, lovely thread :) It's so hard to remember all the good things - I think sometimes we take them for granted so it's nice to think about them...

    I love...

    His little kiss curl of hair on his forehead
    The way his laugh sounds a little like Mutley from wacky races laughing
    How he has started to copy when I rub my finger on lips and make a noise, except he does it with his fist and blows a raspberry
    How he seems to stare in wonder at everything that's going on around him
    When he's feeding himself with something, the way he mushes up the food in his pudgy hands before stuffing the whole lot in his mouth
    How angelic he looks when he sleeps
    The way he kicks his legs and lets out an excited squeal when I'm carrying him to the car
    How when something startles him, he sticks his lip out and then... waaaaaa!!
    How he seems to do a little jig when I'm holding him on his feet
    When I start singing to him he stops what he's doing and listens and smiles
    When he drinks water from his sippy cup he just looks so cute!

    And I love how he gives my life meaning and brings me joy every day :love:xxxx
  14. HopesDreams

    HopesDreams Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2012
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    Yes! I love this! :D I love the lad to death but here's a few things that go straight to the heart & make me feel all mushy.

    I love his big smile & excited flailing arms & legs as I go to him in his cot first thing.
    I love how he'll look for me in a room with a few people & smile when he finds me, as if to say "There you are, that's ok".
    How he has a smile for absolutely everybody, even strangers. You just have to give him a few friendly words & he's beaming.
    The "chats" he has with his reflection in the cot mirror.
    How he idolises his granda already. I had such a special r'ship with my granda & that r'ship lasted until he passed away. I wanted that for O, I just didn't think it would happen so soon. :)
    How he sucks his thumb, the most awkward looking attempt but it works for him!
    How he kicks his legs wildly when music is playing.
    His snuggles when he's tired & especially when he's just woke from a nap.
    How he smells. Yum!
    How he "mans up" to all the animals on the farm. It's so cute.
  15. Welshhunniexx

    Welshhunniexx Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2011
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    There are so many things that I love about my 2, but will put down a few

    My 4 year old Hope
    How she goes so shy when meeting people for the first time but after a few minutes wont stop talking.

    Her cuddles are few and far between but love it when she does cuddle me

    How she snuggles up when I read her a bedtime story

    Her craziness when she wants to make me laugh

    How she adores her daddy

    My 14 month old Destiny
    Her smile for me when she sees me

    Her kisses and cuddles

    How she reacts when shes excites

    She smiles for most people

    Her complete and utter nuttiness
  16. busymummy

    busymummy Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2012
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    I love the way she calls me muma.
    I love how when she is sleepy she still likes to snuggle into her mow mow (blanket)
    I love the crazy random stuff she comes out with, always so funny.
    I love how caring she is for her wee brother.
    I love when I tell her I love her, she replies, "Love you mostest".
    I ove her cuddles and her beautiful smile.


    I love when he snuggles in, puts his head on my shoulder and goes, "aaaah".
    I love when I go in to his room to get him out the cot, how he smiles and starts jumping uo and down, excited to see me.
    I love his cheeky wee personality.
    I love his wee laugh when I tickle him.
    I love the wee face he pulls when he is frustrated, its too darn cute.
    I love the way his face lights up when I start doing 'this little piggy' or 'round and round the garden'
  17. Jmc89

    Jmc89 Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2012
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    Aww this is so cute!! Things I love

    His gorgeous any time but especially when I peek my head over his basket in the morning & say "Morning"
    The way he stares at his hands in front of his face in amazement at what he has found
    The way he then goes cross eyed as he brings them closer to his face
    The noise he makes sucking away at his fists
    His wee farts in his sleep
    The way his wee mouth goes when he sleeps
    The wee smiles you get when he is sleeping
    The way he watches me when getting fed
    His cooing noises
    His "I'm filling my nappy" noises & faces
    The way he sometimes clasps his hands in his sleep
    The way he loves when his daddy comes in from work
    The wee frowns he pulls
    And the never ending love I have for this little person!

  18. BevG

    BevG Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2011
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    is it psycho that i love every single thing about her
    smiles and tantrums and tears. when she smiles, i did that, i made her and i keep her happy
    when she cries, i can fix that, she needs me and its great to be needed now shes independant
    when she tantrums, i can teach her to resolve whatever is frustrating her, i can sooth it or help her or just laugh at how silly her tantrum is

    i love how well behaved she is most of the time, and i love her cheeky sense of humour

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