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The end of breastfeeding for us:-(


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Feb 14, 2007
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Hi girls.

Just have say this, hopefully it will make things easier. Daniel is again refusing breast. After a week of non stop feeding, again, as soon as he sees my boob, he starts to scream :cry: And after all of the problems, which happened before, I simply have no power to fight him again. :( I am still very proud of myself, because there were so many times, when I thought, ill never go futher then 1 week, 1 month etc... Thank you all for your support. Hopefully next time will be better :)
I also have just finished breast feeding :(
It was all going really well, Robbie was gaining good weight....then I was ill and couldn't feed him myself over xmas :( So I introduced a bottle and from then on he has refused my breast. I'm gutted, I was doing so well and had intended to breastfeed for months. I did 7 weeks!
Oh well at least Daddy can feed now :)
dont be disheartened, you gave them the best start in life and that is fantastic :cheer: ryan is now on bottles most of the time, he has a breastfeed 1st thing in the morning but thats it. :hug:
aww dont be hard on urself :hug:

all 3 u ladies hav done really well :clap:
Oh Carina, I totally sympathise with you as I found that we share the same problems with breastfeeding. This week I've been trying to exclusively breastfeed Maya - it's going well although I'm under a lot of stress thinking that she isn't getting enough :( Every time she cries after a feed or every time i change her nappy and she hasn't done any poo, I'm thinking...see..she isn't getting enough. I hope we'll get there - I will weigh her again at the end of the week to see how we've been doing.

Don't worry and don't feel disheartened, you've done a great job with Daniel and you've given him the best despite all the problems you've had. All your efforts were well worth it, well done for going that far! :clap:
Thank you girls for support :hug: I tryied again today, and he actually had it :) , but just for a little bit. So I think, ill just let things happen their way from now on. Ill try a boob, if no, ill just give formula straight away. Have no power to try and force breasfeeding on him anymore. :cry:
well 3 months is an achievement in itself...my HV told me most people give up in the first couple of weeks...

you have to do what is right for the two of you

give yourself a pat on the back for perservering not that it is enidng

Hey Carina

You're doing a brilliant job whichever way you feed your son, you're doing fantastically - just make sure you do what works for you both.

Good luck honey.

Valentine Xxx
Thanks girls! :hug: :hug: :hug: I am really proud for what I have done. It was hard, but I enjoyed avery minute of it! :D

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