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Stupid question...


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Jan 15, 2007
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When Im making pureed veg up for Jake can I use frozen veg (obviouisly cooked) and if so can I freeze them once they have been cooked and pureed?

Told you it was a really stupid question :lol:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Ive done it nat to no harm so I cant see why not personally.Frozen veg is just as tatsy as fresh veg.

I use frozen veg to make grub with and re freeze it.
natalie&jake said:
ooops also noticed Ive just posted in the wrong section :wall:

Your magic forum fairy is here to help!

Sorry I don't know the answer but am tempted to say that since its just veg (not meat or fish), it should be fine.

Valentine Xxx
u kno i never even thought of that! im guessing its ok tho?
Frozen fruit and veg is sometimes as good as freshly picked as its frozen quickly so locks in all the nutrients, so yes Natalie, go for it :D Steaming is also better over boiling, as that can rid fruit and veg of all its precious nutrients :hug:

valentine if you buy fish that's been kept on ice since being caught, or kept on ice and straight to frozen, that's as good as fresh too :hug:

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