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spotting advice needed...


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Apr 17, 2007
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OMG Im so worried :cry:

i woke up tis morning and went to use the bathroom, and when i wipe i noticed it was a creamy pinky colour, very pale pink... so i checked internally and i have loads of creamy pink cm...

I dont have any cramps or nothing like that .. i spoke to my midwife and she has managed to get me in for a scan tomorrow morning.. the spotting has now stopped so i only had it once this morning

what will they b able to tell me at 7 wks ???
Hi there

Try not to worry too much, although I know its easier said than done.

I had a similair bleed when I was around 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and it turned out to be cervix erosion. I was told its quite common and is just due to changes down there.

Im sure everything will be fine!
Just take it easy Sweathart, try and relax and take it easy and im sure everything will be okay with you Scan, do keep us updated and i know its hard but try not to worry to much.... :hug:
hiya hun, ive read quite afew people get some kind of show around when there period would have been maybe it could be that

try not to worry - i know thats easier said than done

:hug: :hug:
hello hun

I think as others have said it seems really common to get spotting. No cramps is a good sign too. Only a few more hours and you'll have your scan. Baby should be a tiny blob but I think you should be able to see little flashing heartbeat.

Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow :hug: As Tilly said you will be able to see a tiny flashing blob. I had a scan at 6 weeks and it was really good :)
Just wanted to say good luck with your scan tomorrow :hug: :hug: :hug:
Good luck tomorrow chicky :hug:

Im around the same stage as you, so checking every time i go to the loo. hard not to freak out, i know i will if it happens to me.

take care x
Godd luck hun :hug: I recently had a scan at 7 weeks and we saw a little bean with a flickering heart beat, but I have read that sometimes it can take longer to see the heart beat. :hug:

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