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So - when do you think you'll have your baby?

Valley Girl

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Apr 10, 2007
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Thought it might be fun to do a poll and see what we are predicting for ourselves. We'll probably all be wrong but everyone else is probably guessing, so lets enjoy our own uncertainty!
i don't think im gonna go full term.
don't know why, i just feel as though im gonna be a couple/few weeks early and have a suprise pop at 37 weeks like kylie did.

i think im feeling like that because i feel so big at the minute and baby feels huuuuuuuuge
I've put late cos I'm thinking that if she comes on time or early it'll be a bonus!
on due date because she is going to be such a good girl!!

but like Kim i'm hoping she'll arrive early, news years eve would be good as i don't know what else to do that night :D
i think early for me, i never went full term with either of the girls so im presuming i wont this time, could be wrong though :D
I'm hoping a week or two early but if LO is anything like his father he'll be stubbon and be late just to p*** me off! :lol:
I think this one will come around her due date. My 1st was 2 weeks early, 2nd on her due date and 3rd was 2 days late. This one isn't as chilled as number 3 so i don't think i'll go more than a day over.
Well since I havent hatched, I guess I'm in it for the duration and more.
Still bet i end up being induced and slit open, even without PE :roll:

But then I'm just naturally optimistic
Early. I don't fink theres any chance I'm gonna make it to the 26th of this month. :cheer:
Psssf.. everyone says early... and they never are... I said early last time and we got within three days of induction....

Mw said she can't see me making it to 40 weeks, so I'll probably pop early, but tbh I'm not holding my breath... little miss will probably take after her sister... although I know she's not going to be as heavy ... don't know why.. :think:
waters broke at 36+5 with charl and she came 37 weeks exactly.. so im gonna guess early.. i would love to go to due date but have a smallish baby.. so.. if i have to pick i would rather go a bit earleir and have a smaller one please lol...
voted .. on time... as long as i don't have it jan 13th (4 days early) i am not really too bothered when he/she decides to make an appearence
I voted late but I really haven't a clue - BF reckons she will be here early though.

I hope she is & doesn't keep us waiting too long :pray:
I voted early - wishfull thinking I know
I think we do have a tendancy to think early, because we live in hope! But I am only guessing mine will be early out of anticipation. As it is my thrid I'm fully prepared to go a bit over. Two weeks over? I can't even begin to think about that! We are going away for christmas to my inlaws. I want to make it, all the presents wil be there!
late for me i think.
I was late, im never on time myself and 1st is generally late.
I voted late, atleast 10 days my babys are always late. I was told as i have had 2 inductions its more than likely ill have a third. OHHH the joy.

Early would be nice though, anythime after new year.

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