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    hi, basically im back in work now after 10 months maternity leave, ive been told that based on me and my partners full time income of 43000 odd we are not entitled to working tax credits/ childcare. is there anyway to get childcare help with costs. the voucher scheme wouldnt work for us. also, as ive been off for 10 months my p60 in april for 2011-2012 will be lower at around 34500 would they use this to determine this coming years working tax credits, child tax credits...does this mean i could be eligible. any help would be appreciated. ive sifted through the websites and letters but nothing gives me a great answer. ta
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    Jones, All I know that when on maternity leave, the tax credits people told me they only want to know about any payments above the £100 value of SMP, like if work top up maternity money for so many weeks like my company did.

    I'm not sure if as you were not claiming WFTC last year which they would base it on. I know mine they do look at the prev year, even you keep them updated on any changes in the current year, which is silly a your always running on the old info if you know what I mean, and you may have more money the year later , when you really needed it the year before!! Worth asking them again to be sure.

    My freind works part time and gets her childcare nearly all paid for by wftc , for her 4 year old with the childminder while she works

    Good luck

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