Sleep Positions - what's comfy?


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Jun 5, 2005
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Hi ladies,

How are we all today?

Right, this is doing my head in......I'm so sick and tired of not being able to nod off to sleep straight away once I get into bed (even though I'm tired) because I can't get comfy. I would usually sleep on my tummy but now that's becoming a no-go so I have to put up with sleeping on my side.

The problem is, OH faces me and decides to snore in front of my face.

So, I'm consistently re-awakening at 3-4am and then go back to bed, finally start getting into a sleep at about 5 and then alarm goes off at about 6.30!

Who's got remedies? (Apart from kicking husband out of bed)


You have my complete sympathy - I know its not going to make you feel much better but I havent slept properly since the beginning of November :twisted:

I too used to fall asleep by laying on my belly, but that soon goes out the window.!!! Then last week I fell down our stairs damaging my cocycx which means I cannot even sit / lie on my bum at all (even during the day) so everything I do has to be on my side. So by the time I go to bed, the sides of my legs are hurting so much I cant fall asleep, and then of course its the thousand trips to the loo cos the baby has most considerately decided to go night nights on my bladder!!!!!

One thing I would advise though is to get your midwife to check your iron levels - mine found I was anemic - and this can wreck your sleep too.

I have decided to kick D/H and dog out of our bedroom - the midwife says it may be the only way i can settle - It's not what I want but I'll let you know if it works!

L x

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