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Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by Thoughtful1, May 28, 2013.

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    Mar 1, 2013
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    Ok as this is my first i have got no clue as to where to start or what is essential...

    So far the cot bed and furniture have been ordered. mother in law has bought a bouncer and that is it so far.

    We thought we should really make a list but not sure where to begin and quantities etc etc

    I looked at prams and car seats but there are so many!! What is recommended or to avoid? Do all car seats fit all types of cars?!!

    So can anyone help with my list and pram advise?

    Thank u in advance!! :)
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    Jul 14, 2011
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    Despite the fact that they say 'universal' all car seats don't fit all cars. You need to try it sometimes

    Pram wise think about you want, - small space for boot, do u use public transport. Everyone needs different things from their pram. Go to a big store and play about with them to see what you like.

    I'll bump 'kezzas' list for you - it literally lists EVERYTHING you could possibly need. (Don't panic you do not need it all!!)

    On my iPhone - so cant see tickers :(
  3. JJ Mum

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    With puschairs there are lots of things to consider like I maclean says-

    Adjustable Handle height ( are you and oh different heights?)
    Do you like two handles or one bar handle?
    Do you want a pram bit , some puschairs are only suitable from 6 mths or does puschair lie back for birth onwards?
    Some only use car seat as the below 6 mths option, some love this as if you drive alot you can click car seat onto frane and not disturb baby, but i dont think baby is best to be in them too long ( mixed feedback online).
    If you drive alot do you want easy isofix base for car? How much are the ones that are compatible for your puschair( not all will be). You dont have to have one, there a pain to strap up each time but weve never had one
    Whats the shopping basket like? Can it be accessed while baby sleeping on full lieback?
    Where do you want to walk , town? Rugged country or in the middle? You need to think about what wheels you want big pump up style tyres ( do they svivel for shops too?) or small front city wheels
    Will it fit in your car boot? Will it get through your front door?
    How heavy is it, ( you might have an upstairs flat?)
    where will you store it, will it fit in your hall?
    How easy does it go up or colapse down? Do you have to take anybthing off before you do this as that could be annoying, can you do it with one hand if hokding baby in other arm?
    Some expensive ones have sleep safe prams do you can use them at night too instead of moses basket
    What axcesories do you get included in price? Cosy toes/ footmuff ( some dont come up very high on child to keep warm if winter baby).good cup holders,parent storage thing for handle bars? Changing bag to match?
    Raincovers? How easy to put on, take off? Does it sit on top of puschairnicely when not in use or fold into basket?

    Sorry to ramble on! Hope that helps
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  4. Rachel80

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    Jan 30, 2013
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    I'm exactly the same, not a clue where to start! Have ordered my pram though, I have also bought a pushchair attachment for it & we got the car seat plus fitting free. It's a Stokke cruisi, all that came to £1000 at Mothercare which I think is quite good bearing in mind we got pram, pushchair & car seat for that. It's lightweight, very easy to dismantle & manoeuvre & looks good - i bought it in a grey denim looking fabric. I also bought my Moses basket from mama & papas - it's slowly coming together x

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