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Sciatica - funny leg pain

Suzie and Faith

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Dec 3, 2007
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Hey, I was wondering if anyone had experience what i'm feeling right now.
I have pains in my left leg and lower back. My leg feels really heavy and achy and slightly numb and my thigh is particularly heavy. The pain reaches right to my foot.

I don't think it's anything too serious.

I googled my symptoms and it sounds like sciatica but i don't know how likely that is.. anyone know anything about it or have had it themselves??
Sounds like sciatica to me. If it's really painfu you might want to contact your Dr to see if there is anything he can do for you.

Has it just started? :(
Sounds like Sciatica to me, i'm not sure if i have this or SPD. But its bloody painful. Mine usually starts off in my hip and bum and goes down my leg even after the pain has gone my leg feels heavy and achy esp my ankle and foot.
yeah that's exactly how it feels.
It's quite an odd feeling. I felt it a bit yesterday and had back pain yesterday but its gradually gotten worse to the point where it hurts to walk now :(
Yep definitely sounds like it to me.

I have been off work for the last 3 weeks because of it. I'd been getting a bit of back ache but all of a sudden it got worse. I can't even do the simplest of things now without getting pain.

If i stand/sit too long i get pains in my hips, if i walk up and down the stairs at home a few times a day it starts, shopping is the worst though carrying bags and unloading the car!!

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Have lots of these I know how you feel.
thanks :) it is painful. I've already had time off work due to extreme sickness so i'm hoping it won't last long. But who knows! I'm also getting married in 2 and a half weeks so it had better be ok then otherwise il need carrying down the isle!

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