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Ruby Edith McCoy-20/01/07

Rubys mummy

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Apr 24, 2006
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Well, finally got time to share my birth story and piccies with you all...VERY long, so be warned

Arrived at hospital Friday 19th January to be induced, as I was overdu by 11 days..taken to ward, settled in and had first examination at 10am. It was VERY painful, my cervix was "hard to find"..midwife went off to get a 2nd opinion, hence another examination just as painful as first. Prostin was inserted and we were left 6 hours. Had some back pain so paced floor and bounced on ball. 4pm, was examined again...was again told they couldnt reach cervix, so a further midwife was called..my waters went in the meantime and they were very bloody so it was a bit panicky. The next midwife did an internal, again couldnt reach cervix very well, but thought I was around 2cm, gave me a sweep and 2nd lot of prostin and told me I would have my baby by morning....

11pm, we decided it was best for OH to go home and rest, I wasnt in pain and they were going to wait until morning to make a decision on what to do next. Got a few hours sleep myself, and was up at 6am bouncing madly on ball with my I Pod on!! OH arrived around 8am ad we were told I was going to labour ward and onto a drip to bring on my contractions. Started on drip @ 10am and it was increased throughout morning. All the time I paced floor, and chatted to OH, it was very relaxed and we listened to music..I want in any real pain, just backache but wasnt feeling ay contractions at all (they were showing up on monitor tho). Throughtout the day I had a further 8 internal examinations, each one as painful as the first one on day one-I since found out my cervix was sitting high up at back and to the side.

Doctor saw me at 4pm and suggested as I wasnt progressing they were going to consider a c section but wanted to turn up drip and wait a further 2 hours..after this time he examined me and made the decision we were going to theatre..I hadnt progressed past around 3cm and he couldnt reach cervix properly either!!! I was emotionally drained by this point, and couldnt bear another internal!!!

I was so relieved and excited at this point-I was finally going to meet my baby-we were all in tears (including my lovely midwife) and the next hour was a blur of getting ready fo the op, all the time our midwife explained everything and made sure I wasnt frightened (my sis had an emergency c section in Nov and had a bad time with internal bleeding so I was pretty terrified)

The theatre staff were fantastic, it was a great atmosphere in there and they all laughed and joked with me. The spinal block was a bit strange, like being drunk from waist down and I found once I went numb it was scarey, and my wole body was shaking violently but this is noraml they told me. Ten minutes later, Lee was brought in to sit next to me dressed in gown, and I asked when op would start to be told it was nearly done and baby was about to be born :shock: I could feel some tugging (they had to use forceps) and then felt her being lifted from me which was the most amazing feeling, followed by the sound of her crying!! What a magical sound..I was amazed and so relieved...midwife called Lee to look as she held baby up so he could tell me sex...Lee just burst into tears and couldnt speak, then sai "Its a girl"!! She was born at 20.27pm

I started wailing, and shouting "Ruby, Ruby, oh my baby, oh shes crying" and then Lee and I were laughing and crying, and saying "I love you" he was saying "I am so proud of you" and it was just magical.

The porters then put on "Shes a lady-Tom Jones" as they cleaned her up so we were all singing along.

I was amazed at my first sight of her, she was so tiny-6lb 11oz and looked like an angel. Daddy got to hold her while they stitched me up so we had 40 mins of both gazing at her while daddy cuddled her.

Take to recovery room for an hour to check us both other, I got my first skin to skin cuddle before they took us to ward to settle down for the night.

It was the most amazing experience of my life, I am so glad she is here safely and I love being a mummy :lol:

They since said Ruby had been back to back, and her head was trying to com out sideways so she would never of been born naturally :roll:

Here are a few piccies from the theatre taken by midwife:

Just born, being weighed


Proud daddy


Mummys first cuddle


My princess Ruby


Sorry if I have rabbled on, hope you enjoyd my story. Its great to be back :hug: :cheer:
awww shes a babe i dint read the birth story as they scare me lol
manda x
Aw, she's beautiful hun ^_^ Pitty you had to have a c section, but less pushing that way, lol. Congrats :hug:
Congratulations Zoe! Your birth sounds just like mine (read my story if you want to) but I actually got to the pushing stage and pushed for an hour before they decided to try with forceps which failed then a section. I hated having all them wires around me in theatre along with them drips, that damn cathetar and blood drainage bag :rotfl:

She looks like a real cutie and you both look proud as punch. Well done! :D
How lovely you made me cry! :cry:

You were so nervous about birth and even though it didn't go how you imagined it really wasn't so bad was it?

You're so focused on the end result when you're in labour you just get on with it. And I'm sure your generally positive attitude to life helped you too.

Congratulations family McCoy xxxxxx
Aww Zoe, i've got to have a c section with this one and im terrified, reading your story though really has made me laugh and cry all at the same time, and as for the staff putting on shes a lady :rotfl:
Thats fabulous!!!!

Congratulations on such a stunning and special little girl, :hug:
Ah zoe she is amazing what a little stunner!! :)
Reading your birth story made me all tearful! :cry: :cry:
congrats to all 3 of you! :hug: :hug: :hug:
WELL DONE! :cheer:
p.s Can you give ruby a cuddle from me and bump! :hug:
Ah excellent, congratulations on her birth, well done
FeeFee said:
Aww Zoe, i've got to have a c section with this one and im terrified, reading your story though really has made me laugh and cry all at the same time, and as for the staff putting on shes a lady :rotfl:
Thats fabulous!!!!

Congratulations on such a stunning and special little girl, :hug:

Dont b scared Fee Fee, are you having a spinal block so you can be awake? If so, it is a wonderful experience...weird feeling them "washing up" in your tummy but I found the sensation of them lifting her out of me amazing and emotional..I had such a positive experience and I was so scared of birth all through my pregnancy

We managed a stroll in the park today with pram, so I am healing really well, try and keep mobile after the op and you will feel great in no time..it is painfull moving about for the first few days but it is soooo worth it when you are holding your baby :hug:
congrats on ur little lady zoe, so happy for u!
enjoy ur new family!! :cheer: :cheer: :hug:
Congratulations! Glad everything turned out well in the end. :D
woohoo your little princess has arrived. congratulations zoe you were a trooper (especially after being 11 days overdue :shock: ).
Your little girl is beautiful you and Lee must be so proud, the photo of Ruby and Lee had me close to tears he just looks so proud of his little princess. :D
Wow what a story!
And a lovely girl!! You were very brave!
Hiya zoe :wave: Congratulations on your absolutely gorgeous little princess :hug: She is soooooooooo perfect :hug: Reading your emotional journey made me cry :hug: xxxx
a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you both she is absolutely beautiful. :D :D

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