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May 27, 2005
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Just wondering how long after having bubba are people taking off? I only get 14 weeks full pay then go onto SMP for 14 weeks of £106 per week. every month that works out less than a quarter of my usual monthly salary. Plus my mortgage is £400+. Was thinking bout taking the 3 months off, but i feel bad for the bubba. Although people keep telling me that I need to work to give her a good future so I should look at it that way!

It's a nightmare :wink:
How are you. I went back to work 4 days a week when Jess was 4 months old and Im glad I did. I felt that we done it at a good time as she was too young to get upset at being apart and now when I drop her off at my mums I get a kiss if Im lucky. She knows the routine and is happy with it. Also, when I got to work I make the most of it, I enjoy my lunch, I eat what I want. I enjoy a coffee and read in peace at lunchtime and when its time to go home I cant wait to see her and vice versa.
I appreciate that this set up wouldnt work for everyone and everyone feels differently about going back but if you have to do it, dont put it off.
Big hugs.

Hi Laura, thanks for your reply. I hope you and Jess are well. I am ok, just getting ever so more anxious about the birth.

I am planning now on returning to work in May-4 and a bit months off. Going back full time with my mum watching little one 3 days per week and private nursery for 2 days. eventually I will cut down to a 4 day week, once we have our finances stabilised. If you reduce your week does WFTC stay the same? I am a novice to all this and I am not even sure if we are entitled to any help or nursery fees partly paid as our combined salary is £40+k (we have quite a bit debt!!). The inland revenue website is confusing!

I agree that it would be better going back when she is younger that way she doesn't understand, and by the time she does she will be in a routine. Don't think me and the OH are ready for the financial implications a bubba has!!!

Thanks again for your advice Laura, most appreciated.


PS Hope Santa was good to you! :wink:
unfortunatley going back to work isnt an option for me as i would have to put my son in to childcare and the cost of that will just about wipe out 70% of what i earn, so we will have to scrape by, and my hubby is fulltime self employed. i will miss work but i also enjpoy being at home with baby.
Aren't you entitled to tax credits and they can pay up to 70% of child care costs? See I am lost, I just don't understand this whole system. :cry:
it is confusing, i don't really know what i am entitled to?
everyone tells you how to look after and breastfeed your baby but no-one goes through what credits etc you can get - i think it all goes by what your annual salary is. so the mor you earn the less you get paid
Hi Karrina,
Hows it going. I would definately think that if you reduce your working week and let them know what you expect your income to be for the remainder of the current tax year then it should decrease. I changed jobs in June when Jess was 1 and went down to 2.5 days a week. My tax credits should have dropped because the baby was now 1 but because I estimated my earnings based on my new salary and let them know I worked out getting way more than I did last year.
I hate to say it but it does not pay to work more hours.
I think it would be worth phoning the folks at tax credits. Is your dh self employed?
I hope I havent left you even more confused,
Take care

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