Relactation after 9 weeks?


Aug 3, 2017
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I really need some advice, I stopped breastfeeding my son when he was five weeks old and I really regret the choice because I really miss breastfeeding and the bonding experience, I just really want to try and relactate And start our breastfeeding journey again. Is it possible? I have a madela swing pump and hardly any knowledge on this subject, any advice and tips will help so much!
It’s possible. You might not get enough of a supply to EBF but you should be able to mix feed if you want to. I stopped breastfeeding at 8 weeks and went about relactating at 17 weeks. I did it because my baby kept trying to latch onto me when I was trying to put her to sleep. Basically nipple stimulation is what gets the milk flowing so you need to pump pump pump every 2-3hrs, even at night. Getting your baby to latch on for comfort will help your milk come back too. You can also take fenugreek and motilium. It took me 24hrs to start getting drops back. I did it for the next 24hrs and saw some progress but not much. It’s a slow process so I decided I couldn’t be bothered being up pumping all night, but you can definitely do it if you’re determined!! It will take weeks and weeks to get a proper supply back though. x
I agree with Winterwolf, it's a very slow process though. Pumping, pumping and more pumping! Every 3 hours for 45 minutes. One session at 12pm, then next at 3pm, 6 etc.
I'm not sure if it's really worth those sleepless nights but if you're determined to do it, why not give it a try.
Good luck!x
Agree with the above. I think it would be possible if you were determined but very very hard work!! By 9 weeks my LO was starting to sleep a bit longer at night and I'm not sure if I'd have been up for waking myself up solely to pump!! Although the early weeks of breastfeeding are really intense, baby actually does need to feed that frequently so you're essentially stuck on the sofa whether you like it or not but once LO got a bit bigger, I really needed to get off the sofa for my own sanity!! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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