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Dec 21, 2008
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My DS Aidan is 15 weeks today and we found out on Friday that he has got developmental dysplasia of the hip and we are going tomorrow to get him fitted with a pavlik harness. I was wondering if anyones son or daughter has been through this and if you have any advice on clothing, sleeping, breastfeeding, car seats and strollers.
I am finding it really difficult to get my head round and any advice would be greatly appreciated.:help::)

My daughter had suspected HD but after xrays etc she was given the all clear. Another member's DD is waiting for her casts putting on in the new year.

I got lots of help and advice from the HD charity. I think its called Steps. I'll check when I'm back on my laptop as its not easy on this phone! They gave advice about car seats etc. I think its easier with the braces they will use on a 15 wk old. We were looking at casts and splints like the other member will be which is obviously more problematic.

Its great they've picked it up so soon. The treatment is relatively straightforward and doesn't last as long at that stage. Good luck and keep us updated :)
hiya :wave: ooo its nice to have someone else in the same situation on here! my DD's nearly 13 months :)shock:) and is waiting to go into plaster! it wasnt picked up with her til she was a lot older, so a harness wasnt an option, we've got to go thru an operation to get her sorted, which is a horrible thought :( like MM said, the steps website is great, you can get loads of info from there and they do grants for carseats and stuff.

i dont know much about the harnesses, but with the hip spicas, which we're going to be having, they say not to buy special car seats/prams until its all done, cos of the different angles they get set at, but i'd imagine with a harness its different!

clothing, we've been told to get vests a size bigger and floaty type dresses, but obv thats not an option for you! there are websites out there that do special clothing thats purpose made.

its so good you've had it picked up earlier, a lot less hassle in the long run!

oh, and lots of pillows with waterproof coverings and a beanbag for propping them up are great apparently - although at 15 weeks i'm not sure they're really essential, cos i'm assuming he cant sit up by himself yet!

good luck for tomorrow xx
My daughter went through this but at 6 months so had the op and casts so not sure on advice to give you about the harness. I'm so pleased it was found early with your little one as it's alot easier to be fixed at 15 weeks than later on. If I can help at all I will x

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