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Mar 2, 2008
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I posted this in the TTC section but someone told me I may be better off putting it in here. Can any of you ladies give me some advice please...

I stopped breastfeeding my DD (she's one year old) 6 weeks ago and I still haven't got my AF. I'm definitely not pregnant either.
Does anyone know how long it takes for AF to return?? I haven't had one since before I was pregnant now. OH and I really want to start trying for a baby but this seems unlikely as I don't think I'm ovulating
Hiya, probably not much help but I'm still breastfeeding my son (only 1 feed a day now), my periods returned at around 5/6 months, when I stopped exclusively breastfeeding & started introducing solids.

If you're unsure of your cycles (or lack of them) try charting your temperature to see whether you're ovulating.

If your periods haven't returned in the next few weeks maybe go to your doctor to ask for some advice.
Remember that you ovulate before you get your period so you could well get pregnant before getting a period.

Charting your temps is a good way to spot if you have ovulated or maybe try some opk test sticks.

I think between 2-6 months after is the most common time to expect your period to return.
I just literally go straight back on a 26 day cycle even though I BF.
Thanks girls!
Charting temps seems like a very good idea. I'll get some OP sticks too.
i wonder when i'll get AF too (altho i dont wanna ttc not for a few years anyway lol) i stopped BFing 3 weeks ago after 8 months and still no AF. iv still got milk tho (i squeezed them this morning!) so im not really expecting one until my milk disappears.

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