refusing food!!!


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Jan 27, 2005
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I dont know whats wrong with ella at the moment, the past few days she has been refusing her food, mouth shut, turning her head away! She usually has three meals a day, and she has quite alot, baby cereal in the morning, fruit pot for lunch and veggies for tea. Recently she has been having only one of these 3 meals! Iv not been giving her anything different so its not that she doesnt like what I am giving her.
Why would she do this??? Any suggestions?
She has been a bit constipated, could this be why she's off her food?
Brody has done this a couple of times, after a day or so he gets his appetite back....sorry not much help, but at least you're not alone hehe
thanks, i was hoping it will just be a phase, hopefully she'll get her appertie back soon.
Its a phase i come across every few months. Its infuriating, it gets me all worried then it comes okay again.
It is worrying, especially when she usually loves her food, she is fine in herself though so Ill see how she goes for a couple of days and if not Ill ask the HV. Is there anyone else whose babeis go through a ohase like this??? its just reasuring me lol
Is there any chance she is teething? Some babies go mental when they are teething but some just go off ther food.
Rubie was the same a couple of weks ago, went to having about 12oz of formula per day and 1 yogurt, that was it. She lost weight but now she's getting back on track and put on 5.5oz in one week. She has 2 solid meals a day now, sometimes 3 depending on whether she is hungry or not.
thats a thought she may be teething???? theres no other signs though. she had no breckie today, had half a jar for her dinner though after persevering for ages! Ill see how she is tommorow.
i was very very surprised at Jess with her teething. There were very little signs, her cheeks were red but there was no crying. The teeth just appeared. All but her back teeth caused her no problems.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: This is driving me crazy now! Sometimes she will take her food fine and other times she is throwing a right paddy! It seems to be lunch time when she wont eat! I try to distract her sing songs ect but she just goes in a mood! I go away on sunday and dont want to have to deal with this then, also I cant go to see the HV becuase Im working when the clinic is on. Do you think I should give the HV a call or NHS direct? Thing is she is fine in herself the rest of the time, just doesnt want her food :think:

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