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Really fed up:(


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Apr 24, 2006
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Af still not here, too frightened to test, i know itll be bfn, y does this have to happen before christmas :wall:
Aw bless, when is af due hun? If I were u I wouldnt test, I would just wait to see if she comes, until you are a few days late, then test. xxxx Hope you get the result you want, try not to let it spoil your xmas, new year is a fresh start, just think this could be our last xmas without babies, we could all be weaning them this time next year xxxx
Im already 5 days late, had a - test 2 days agaon
Maybe it was too early 2 days ago so wait a few more days and see if the evil witch turns up and if not then test again. I hope you get the result you want.

Aww hun please dont let it get you down :hug: How regular is AF usually?
Its usually evry 28 days, dont know if it means owt but my cervix is mega high, i thin k im finding things to hold on to tbh
Hiya hun,

Maybe your cycle has changed and will come a little later? Or maybe its early for bfp? Either way try to take you mind off of it hun, go shopping, bake a cake play games with Hope I know its hard but you will drive yourself barmy thinking about it...

:hug: :hug:
I havnt been late for the past 4-5 months now, always have a 28 day cycle, its not like me at all atm, im not stressing though coz its crimbo, just wondering where she is :lol:
Like the others have said maybe it is too early to test, Its not over until the witch arrives. Do you have any symptoms? or feel like the witch is on her way?

:hug: :hug:
I know there are many reasons for AF to be late, but I think the most likely reasons are either...

1) Ovulation happened later than usual.


2) You O'd on time and are infact pregnant, but the test you used wasnt sensitive enough. (what test did you use hun? how many did you do?)

There is still hope there :pray:
I used first response, the packet was damaged though, i dont have any symptoms apart from my cervix is high, i can hardly reach it and this neverhappens before af it always comes down never this high, i felt ov pains on day 13-14 as usual with ewcm, i dont bloody know i just wana know :)

A lot of people including myself have little faith in first response as it's not a great early pregnancy testing kit. First response didnt give me a good positive until I was 7 week pregnant. It might be a good idea to get a different brand like clear blue digital which is one I highly recommend.


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