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Raspberry Leaf tablets


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May 19, 2007
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hi i brought some tablets as thought they would be easier than the tea. Did anyone else take the tablets rather than the tea?

It says take 2 tablets 3 times a day. Should i start out on that amount or build up to it?

Also did you check with your doctor before taking?

thanks :D
I took the tablets instead of the tea..

I just took them as they said on the bottle.. Can't remember when you are supposed to start them though.. it's either 32, 34 or 36 weeks.

I can't complain... my labour was 6 hours :)
i took them too, fat lot of good then did :rotfl: still ended up with a section.

I dont think im going to take them this time, save my pennies :rotfl:
i only took the tablets from 37 weeks, 2 a day my labour was 2hours and pushin for around 10 mins :)
i took the tablets, i started on 3 a day at 36 weeks, then after a week took 6 a day. i believe they were beneficial as my (active) labour was quite quick and i was only pushing for less than an hour, and she was my first.
thanks for your replys. I'll start on 1 a day then and build up :D
I took the tablets rather than the tea and my labour (established) was 50 mins and pushing was 5 mins :D (first baby too)
I am going to get some in a couple of weeks from Holland and Barrett- hope they work :pray:
I took the tablets from holland and barratt when I was pregnant with James. Think I started them at 36 or so weeks. I had James at 38 weeks and was in labour for 12 hours, pushing for just under half an hour.
Couldn't say if it was the tablets or not.
Will probably give them a go this time too

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