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Quadruple Leg Cramps


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May 26, 2007
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OMG! I must tell you!

Last night I had a maternity mat under our bed sheet in case my waters break in bed. Also I thought I'd see if sleeping with a pillow between my knees would help with pelvis pain towards the end of the night.

I'm sure I share with most of you the almost complete inability to roll from one side to the other and get out of bed every 1-2 hrs to go to the loo. It seams to be getting worse every night and sometimes I'm stuck on my back like some sort of upside down tortoise!

Anyway - it gets worse. Last night because of this stupid maternity mat, my sheets didn't slide around like they normally do to ease my turning and I just couldn't do it. Suddenly the muscle in the back of my right thigh went into excruciating cramp, and as I squirmed to relieve it and move the stupid pillow from between my legs, the same muscle on the left leg followed suit. This was killing me and I was trying to stiffle my desire to scream the house down. With one more wriggle somehow both my front calf muscles went into cramp too at which point I was totally demented, still stuck on my back, and unable to do anything about the four crampled muscles. DH finally woke up and pushed me out of bed where I limped around, asked him to rub the muscles, had to stagger to the bathroom before I wet myself, sat on the loo, still with four cramps, still trying not to scream and shout.

Eventually they all went together as I leant forward against the sink.

My God, I've never been in so much pain. All I could think of was how am I going to cope giving birth. It probably lasted about 3 minutes and was worse than the induced contractions I felt with DD.

Why does it have to get so difficult at the end??? :(
hmmmmmmm I had something similar last week, but mine was a pain under the bump, I just couldnt turn on my side, it was like something had locked into place.

suppose like you say your near the end and just waiting now :hug:
ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

sounds very painful. I occasionally get cramp in the night but only in one leg and it really kills so I imagine that it must have been hell for you.

My OH tries to push my toes back...he says that gets rid of cramp quicker as the ligments etc all tense up so stretching them is best but it hurts so much I end up falling out with him and we have a row! :oops: :roll:

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