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Feb 3, 2007
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Hi girls,
I have just last week, miscarried my first pregnancy at 6.5 weeks. I am devastated and eager to try again as soon as I can. Do any of you have pregnancy after miscarriage stories. I am desparate to have a sucessfull pregnancy soon, as I feel my body clock ticking (Im 33). Thanks, I could do with some hope to cheer me up... :(
hi hun :wave:

im sorry for your loss i can understand how you are feeling and you are not alone, i have seen so many women on here go through a miscarriage and get pregnant and everything is great and the same will happen for you one day hun i promise. :D

When you feel ready and not before (you will know when your ready) try again and everything will be great ok hun, :D im sorry i cant give you happy stories from myself but there are plenty of women on here that can, i just really want to send you a hug. :hug: :hug:

Look after yourself and we are all here if you ever need to talk at all anytime ok :hug: :hug:
Hi Tracey 2

Thanks so much for your reply and kind words. I am also so very sorry for your losses. Are you going to try again? I hope you have success if you do, my fingers and toes are crossed for you. :pray: I am going to try again very soon (have to convince DH first) but hope and pray that all will be well when I do.. Thanks again xx :hug:
hi mumtobe,

Im so sorry for your loss. i hope that you are dealing with it okay, its always such a hard time but with time you should start feeling better.
I had a miscarrage in november at 7 weeks. i wanted to start trying again right away because i felt ready to. it really depends on each person, and if your doc says that you are ready physiically also. i fell pregnant again on my 2nd cycle.

Just take it easy, look after yourself, and you will know when the time is right to start trying again.

Sorry for your loss, I had a miscarriage in november 05 and was told to wait for one period before trying again. I fell pregnant in february and now have a lovely 11 week old baby girl. It is very common for miscarriages to happen but it doesnt mean that next time everything wont be fine so the best advice I can give is to try and relax and then nature will take its course x :hug: . All the best x
Sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage at 9wks in Dec 05, I was 38 and as you say I was worried because the bio clock was running on overtime!
the doctors told me to wait until I had my first 'normal' period before trying again. I fell pregnant in August 06 and am due in June.

Every month that went by I was worrying that i 'was too old' and that's why nothing was happening. In the end I just stopped thinking and hey presto!!!

I wish you all the best and fingers crossed that you have good news soon.
Hi Mumtobe

I was on the same boat. I'm 33 (will be 34 in Aug). I lost my baby on 12th September at 8 weeks. I was devastated, but eager to start again. I took the advice of not trying for the first month and started to try again in November. I found out I was pregnant again at the end of Dec and now I'm almost 9 weeks. Living in a constant state of fear that I'll lose this baby too, but so far so good :pray:

Good luck!
thank you hun i will try again but not for a little while, good luck to you trying again, when a women has a miscarriage they are more likely to have a healthy pregnancy next time round

everything will be fine and good luck and we are all here if you ever need to chat :hug: :hug:
:wave: Hello mumtobe, so sorry for your loss :hug:
I am 37 this year and I have been trying hard since I lost connell in October, Yes I feel the ticking too...... but as the ladies have said, I need to relax a little more and let nature work her magic....just wish it would hurry up :roll: :rotfl:
I wish you lots of baby dust and as tracey(good for you hun) has said, the facts state your more likely to have a normal healthy pregnancy next time...most people do... :hug:
moral of this post, I know it hurts now, but things will get better and don't listen to hard to that clock, your day will come,
Take care, don't drink anything with caffine in (including most fizz drinks) and stay positive.... Lv Yvonne xx
I was exactly the same, even on the day that i found out about my M/C, all i could think about was trying again. If it helps I have heard many good PG after M/C stories. I also have the body clock issue whether it be a real risk or just the tick-tock in my head (I am 31), hence my user name.....

I didn't even want to wait until after my first AF, but as time has gone on I have come to terms with thinking that it would be for the best to do it that way.

I have also had a more recent set back. I work on a fixed term contract and have realised there is only enough time left to fit a pregnancy and 3 months maternity leave in before my contract ends, if I get PG first cycle.... I had been sitting on this information for a few days but told my OH the other day. We have sort of discussed now having to wait until I secure more funding, which was what I thought he was going to say (partly why I didn't tell him), I was devestated by this initially but I am starting to come to terms with it more.

I don't know whether we will just start TTC anyway (and rely on SMP which we can't really afford) or whether we will wait til later on so i get full pay, but I just want to say although you really want to get PG immediately right now, you may change your mind as time passes.

Whatever happens I wish you all the best


Hi mumtobe

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I lost two babies before having my first daughter but am now a mum of three, the last two born at home.
I lost my first at 9 weeks then a second at 13 weeks and was devastated, but what I learned was to give yourself and your body time before TTC ing.
Its important to grieve for your loss but also give your body time to recover from the shock.
To all those trying, I wish loads of baby glue and dust as soon as possible x
Hiya I had a mc at 7.5 weeks in May 06 it was a terrible time but we got through our doctors recommended we wait 3 months to let physical and emotial scars heal. We were too impatient and didn't wait that long and really started trying again immediately. It felt like forever re then and I finally got my bfp in December. We had a private early scan at 7 weeks just to put our minds at rest and I had my 12week scan last Thursday and it was the best feeling in the world seeing that little baby with a heartbeat. I know so many girls who've lost their first and gone on to have successful pregnancies how I delt with it was the first was my trial run and this is the real thing.

My advice to you is you know when the time it right to try again try not to stress too much about it (easier said that done I know) and your time will come.
Best of luck and enjoy yourselves.
Hiya, I had a miscarriage last September after TTC for 6 months. It happened the day after I got my BFP so we looked on the bright side and told ourselves it was easier that way as we hadnt had the chance to get excited.

We decided that we'd focus on having a good Christmas and that we'd start TTC again afterwards. After 6 weeks Af still hadnt shown up and although we hadnt been TTC as such, I was pregnant again.

I didnt know how dangerous it was to be pregnant straight after a miscarriage without having a period in between and so I was terrified that things would go wrong. However, luckily they didnt and now Im almost 22 weeks and things are going fine.

Its different for everyone but I think only you can decide when its the right time to try again. Good luck :hug: :hug: :)
I am so sorry for your lossxxx. I had a miscarriage before my daughter then another 2 miscarriages and an ectopic before finally concieving my miraclebabe. He's now 4 months old.
It will happen for you, I always looked on my first miscarriage as my body going through a sort of trial run. When we started trying for our daughter I caught in 8 days.
Hi there.

I am so sorry for your loss. :hug: I have had two miscarriages over the past 8 months and I can completely understand your concerns. It I helps me to know that many many women do go on to have a healthy pregnancy even after 2 or 3 miscarriages. This forum is testomony to their success.

As everyone else has said, relax, let things happen, and however difficult it might be, try not to stress when you do get pregnant....the odds are stacked in your favour!!!! :cheer:

Thinking of you

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