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Mar 21, 2005
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Hi everyone, just a quick question,

I have recently miscarried (well approx. 5 weeks ago) and since then I have been obsessed with everything regarding pregnancy. I was just wondering if anyone else has experience this after a miscarriage (p.s. currently not TTC, just for further info. regarding the situation).


HI jenny
well it was a week before delivery when i lost my son (this was in dec. 2003) and im now TTC and im so obsessed with pregancy!!!!! i hear and see everyone else getting pregnant but im still waiting for my BFP it drives me crazy !
so no it s not un normal or at least i dont think so you have to remember you lost a part of you and its ok to be obsessed!

hope i could help!

I took my first miscarriage very hard. I couldn't beleive that it happened to ME, it happens to others not ME ... ya right. The truth is it did happen to me ... twice. The second was a blighted ovum (empty sac), I was stunned ... what kind of cruel trcik was this??? I am very blessed to have 3 wonderful and healthy children ... but, my heart was sure I wasn't done having babies ... I, or should I say we, tried again for a year ... I am very irregular with my menstrual cycle, so actually it was only about 7 months or 7 times I thought I was was ovualting ... and nothing! I am 37 and in November (I was 36y at the time) 2004, My husband and I had a long heart to heart and realized it was God's way ... HE didn't think it was meant to be. So, we pretty much gave up trying (the temp thing, the ovualting calculations, period cycle tracking etc) ....
In December 2004 I had a period starting on the 9th ... it occurred to me at the end of February that I hadn't yet had another period, so I did a prego test, unfortunately it was negative. Then March rollled around and still nothing ... on March 15th did a test and again negative, but something in my gut told me otherwise, I did another test on the 18th, and presto it was postive!
I guess my point is ... once we let our guard down, and relaxed and started to enjoy eachother again, THAT is when it happened! I couldn't be happier, stunned, but happier!!!!!
Also, yes, after M/C you obsess about prego and M/C stuff it is natural.
May you be blessed again!
God Bless to you all, Relax and stay positive!

ST 37y
DT 37y
married 11/21/92
DRT boy 7/15/94
CJT boy 8/26/97
CET girl 11/23/99
MC (D&C) 8 weeks 11/02
blighted ovum (empty sac 6weeks and D&C 10weeks) 10/03
Miracle#4 due 11/16/2005
My sister just had a terribal misscarriage and from a family view, I know it can be so hard and distressing! After having to tell her Boss about it at work - her boss told everyone which i think has made it 10x harder to try and come to terms with!!

Keep your strength up and take each day as it comes

I really hope you have the best of luck in the Future Jenny

chel x
I know exactly how you feel. I had two miscarriages 4/5 years ago, and I didnt really deal with it properly. Then when people I knew got pregnant i would pretend to be happy for them but all the while i was annoyed at them for being able to have a baby when i couldnt.

I am now just about 6 weeks pregnant and i have to go to hospital today for a scan as there might be problems again. The scan is going to tell me whether the pregnancy is viable or not (sounds so clinical). Whatever happens this is my last attempt as i cant go through this again, i just dont think it is meant to be.

Hopefully i will find out today.
Hi Jenny!
I would say don't worry this is pretty normal..Every1 greeves differently.. When I miscarried all i wanted was to be pregnant again.. Not to replace my lossbuttogive a little child so much love. I suppose that every1 greeves differently...

Hope your Ok. I am sorry for your loss.
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
To Jenny ... stay postive, I hope you are doing better. :)

To Jacqwish ... I recently read your post, and my heart and prayers are with you. Please let us know how you are doing and if all is going OK. It is difficult, the "uncertainty" ... my first 10 weeks were very tough!! I was nervous everyday, and sometimes had very negative thoughts. I tried so hard to be positive. I am doing great now ... I heard the baby's HB last week by doppler radar ... the Dr. couldn't find it for a long time, I almost had a panic attack ... then she mentioned to just relax, she usually finds it when she's ready to quit ... sure enough she DID!!
It was glorious! 148 bpm ... thump thump thump!! Awesome!

I wish this for you!!!
I have had a M/C and a blighted ovum (empty sac) so I know your pain.
Many hugs and prayers to you today and always. May God bless your miracle!

Jenny ... I hope you try again, and have a very joyous and positive experience.

HUGS and PRAYERS to all that may be in sorrow, the uncertianity phase of the first trimester, or in the TTC phase ... hold on to the HOPE!!
Take CARE!

ST 37y
DT 37y
married 11/21/92
DRT boy 7/15/94
CJT boy 8/26/97
CET girl 11/23/99
MC (D&C) 8 weeks 11/02
blighted ovum (empty sac 6weeks and D&C 10weeks) 10/03
Miracle#4 due 11/16/2005

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