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Please tell me I'm not the only one!!


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May 21, 2007
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I'm working today... :( Only 9-1 but it's so annoying, I felt all Christmassy over the weekend now I'm going to lose that lovely feeling by being there..I would call in sick but I don't get paid for sick days, and I start my Mat leave this week and want a proper last day on Thursday :( Please someone make me feel better and tell me I'm not the only one!!! :cry:
No your not the only one working - im here 7:30am - 5pm!!!!!!!!!

Im here too! Only til 12noon though - Ive been here since 8am.
My hubby is working today too 9:00 - 2:00 :( better than a full day tho I suppose lol
My DH is working 9.30-6.30.

He usually works 12-9pm on xmas eve (he works at Next) to get all the sale stuff on the shop floor ready for the sale on the 27th but they decided to work 12-9 last night so they could get home early tonight!

The store manager has said they can leave as soon as they are done but they are never done early! The shop shuts at 3 them its all systems go to finish ticketing the sale stuff and get it all on the shop floor :rotfl:
I'm not working today but am working on New Years Eve. We have all had to do a day each over the festive period. It will soon be the end of the day for you all and you can get all festive again!!

im still on mat leave but my sister is working 2mro (xmas day) and new years too if that makes u feel any better?!
My DH's is a jammy g*t... his last day was Friday AND it was a half day because he works half day EVERY Friday... How unfair is that!!!!???? He doesn't need to go back now until 2nd of January... :x :x :x although its nice to have him home... :)
MY OH is working today too, although he doesn't think that they will make them stay until 5.
Nat is working all day and only has xmas day, boxing day and new years day off. They dropped a bombshell that he can't have any time off until February and he's livid. :( I'm not too impressed either tbh, his work are really pissing me off.
Gawd I've had it easy compared to most of you guys! Except I went home early cause of a wee infection..only by an hour though!
OH is working till 4 :cry:

He did get handed a lovely £100 cash bonus today though, which pays for all the last minute shopping I did this morning :lol:

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