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pill and periods..


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Nov 9, 2007
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does anyone else get this?

I started back on pill after having Jack, now 2 weeks into a packet on all 3 cycles I have a bad tummy and spotting, on last cycle I ended up finishing my packet early to allow my body to have a period cos I constantly felt due on.

This isn't normal is it? I didn't used to be like this? :?
I had spotting from about day 19 on the pill up until the start of my period so bled for almost 2 weeks. I went to see the doctor and she said it is perfectly normal so soon after giving birth and it can take more than 3 periods for thigs to settle again.

Im really naughty though because I didnt go back to the docs to get more pills when the others ran out... :oops: The pill just kills my sex drive. We are using condoms now lol
ahh thats good to know, thanks Natalie.

I'd much prefer to use condoms only cos I dont like the pill but I'm not sure I'd trust myself i'd get all horny then just forget and get carried away with the moment :)
it may be different for u coz u just had a baby, but when i was 17 i started getting "double periods" (as i called them) on the pill. the doc said these were breakthru bleeds and happen if ur on one pill too long or if its not the right one for u. (i cant remember what that one was called). i got a new pill (dianette) and had no probs with that one plus it made my skin and hair lovely and i never got pg even tho im rubbish at taking it.
but i was on it for about 7 years (ur not meant to be on it that long coz its strong) so it was changed to cilest. well, thats not as strong- thats how i got pg! (i did forget to take them quite often but i always got away with it on dianette)
hope u get it sorted
My periods have been very erratic since having Nathan even though I have been back on the pill for about 9 months. They are starting to settle a bit now but I before I constantly felt like I was going to come on, I was bleeding every 2 - 6 weeks and they were heavy long and painful. So it took till he was at least 8 months old for them to settle down.
I'm gonna have to book an appointment at the doctors, I have started beeding again :roll: my tummy hurts and I just think it would be best to have a period, thing is my last one was only 2 days long and really light and thats pretty normal for me so it's gonna be easier to let my body do its thing.

Gonna see about a different pill though and until then were sticking to condoms :? hmmm lets see if Jack gets a lil bro or sis cos I'm rubbish with them lol

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