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Physio for SPD/PGP


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Aug 8, 2007
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Hi girls,

I had my physio today for SPD or as they seem to be calling it Pelvic Girdle Pain.

Had a lovely nurse who gave me a thorough examination to see what my range of movement is and to pinpoint exactly where i feel pain whilst doin different movements.

She has found that i dont seem to have a good range of movement in my left side, so she went through some exercises to loosen up the joint and put it in place.

I was given a support belt to use on my hips and another one to use on my bump when i get heavier. I was advised to sit correctly at all times and not to cross my legs or sit at an angle to encourage the joints to sit correctly.

She gave me a great tip for turning over in bed. She told me to get a sleeping bag and fold it inside out and sleep on that so when i turn over in the night i should kind of slide rather than have to bump around to turn. Gonna give that a try.

She also advised me to get a gym ball and use that to sit on and gave me some exercises to do with that to strengthen my muscles.

She has advised me to book another appointment if the pain gets any worse.

So for now i am going to try all that she has recomended and see how it goes.
Glad you had someone nice. My appt is tomorrow!
Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow Debbie.

I am hoping that these exercises will provide some relief from the contant soreness.
Thanks! :)

My sis had really bad SPD and it didn't get better and she ended up on crutches so I'm not holding out much hope as mine is going like hers did but we can wait and see! Fingers crossed!! :D

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