Petrified it's another ectopic

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After Loss' started by Rachellucy, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Hi all, I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and was so happy when we found out I was pregnant. 4 years ago I had an ectopic that ruptured and I had 2L of internal bleeding! I kept going to the Drs saying I was having abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain. They kept doing pregnancy tests that came out negative. And they said it was just my cycle changing. I ended up going to A+E with severe shoulder pain....again neg pregnancy tests. They went to discharge me until I pointed out I lost my sight and went dizzy when I stood up and my BP was 87/48!!! Then a consultant came in checked my blood work and it was a ruptured right side 7 week old ectopic! They checked my other tube and said it was fine but told me if I fell pregnant I had to go have a check for an ectopic Asap. I called Monday and they said I have to wait till 7 weeks. For an early test. I am getting dull aches and twinches on my left side which I know can be growing aches but I can't help but worry! I've called and begged to be checked and they won't as it could be normal. But I could have died last time and I lost a tube if it is I don't want to loose my other! I'm so worried and stressed it cannot be good. There are positive signs....7 positive tests.....and have missed my period so all positive signs.....I just need some reassurance! I'm so worried for my own safety as well as the 4 year waited for pregnancy!
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    So sorry to hear what you've been through! *hugs*

    Aches and twinges are a good sign and the fact you've got a positive test is fab too. I don't understand why they're not taking you more seriously?! I guess they won't be able to see much on a scan until 6w, but they could at least check you hcg levels as that'll show if it's 'normal' or not. You should go to A+E and kick off. It's just not fair making you wait like that xxxx
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    Fight for it. You are at higher risk, so they should be taking you seriously. Unbelievable that they are not.
    I am sure it will all be fine - I have had aches and pains throughout that freaked me out totally, but they can be normal as our bodies stretch!
    Don't let them turn you down.... Go to doctor and sit in there until you are referred to EPU...!!

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