Periods after miscarriage?


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Nov 9, 2007
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Hi, i hope you can help.

my A/F's are all over the place and it's confusing me! I had a m/c at the end of November, and since then i've had one AF, which was quite light and exactly 28 days after i m/c.

Now, my next AF is two weeks late, but for the last few days i've had the symptoms of a PMT (nausea, stomach ache etc) but have hardly any bleeding, just a tiny bit of brown / pink when i wipe but no real bleed.

Has anyone else had this? Did you periods change after m/c? I'm frustrated because i want to start TTC again soon but if my cycle is all over the place i'm worried it will be harder!

personally mine became regular....the first one was 35 days, then 31 days, then settled around 33 days (34 this cycle).
Any chance you could have caught again? id do a test hun just to rule it out or celebrate. :hug:
i thought of that...did a preg test today and still negative. Maybe it just takes a few months to settle down. Just thought it was all behind me now, given the m/c was 3 months ago..
im sorry hun :(
maybe a trip to the docs to see what they thnk?
i was suprised mine have become regular tbh...i was on the pill for 6 years for that reason but touch wood....
really hope yours get sorted soon too...i wouldnt stop trying never might catch the eggy when it decide to come.... :pray:

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