bleeding / AF after m/c ... advice anyone please..?

Anna Marie

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Jul 6, 2005
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My m/c started on 1st August [8 weeks pregnant] and I miscarried naturally and it all seemed to be over within 2 weeks. I am now bleeding again and having a few AF like sensations [a little cramping and craving chocolate!!] already.. if my cycle had stayed in tact my AF would be due Monday 29th but I really didn't expect it so soon after the m/c.

Has anyone any similar experiences or is this bleeding just more from the m/c?

I had my follow up scan last week and it showed the m/c was complete and no signs of pregnancy so I thought all bleeding etc had ended....

I just want my body to return to normal so I can start to think about what the next step is... to try again or not....

x :cry: x
I am so sorry for your loss Anna.

I haven't actually been through this myself, but from reading some other posts in the other forums, a lot of people have returned to their normal cycles more-or-less immediately after m/c.

I can remember reading one post in particular (but can't currently find it), where a lady m/c late june, and is already 4 week pg! So working on this basis, and the fact that the doctors have confirmed that the m/c is complete, you could easily be having your next af.

Good luck with everything, keep us posted.

thanks tankett..

well I just had 3 days of heavy AF like bleeding and now it has stopped and I feel almost normal.

If it was AF then it was only 4 weeks exactly from fist day of m/c bleeding so not sure really.. just hope that the next cyle will be normal and my body has sorted itself out.. then its just the emotional roller coaster that needs to be sorted out before I can return to a normal [what is that? life again...

now I am wondering if I want to try again.. another can of worms to open up and get emotional over... hhmmm! :? :?

I felt exactly the same after losing my first baby at 12 weeks in january. As you can see I am now nearly 20 weeks pregnant and I am so pleased I decided to go for it. I won't pretend that the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy weren't the most nerve wracking I've ever experienced but now as I am typing I can feel this baby kicking away inside of me and I know there's no better feeling. As soon as you feel ready - go for it!

Louise x
Aaah thats great Louise.. congrats on your pregancy.. did you try fairly soon after your m/c? they say we are very fertile after a m/c just as after a birth I guess... I just don't know if I am able to deal with that worry and stress.

Part of me wants to wait for all the results from all the impending tests etc but that may take 6 months or longer if they don't find anything! Thats a lot of time to waste.

I also know that if I wait it will become even more of an issue and I will become obsessed with trying.. why is it such a dilemna? I hear of so many successful pregnancies where conception was straight after or within a month or two etc... just wish I wasn't so scared!!

Hi Anna Marie

I lost the baby on 12th january and we started trying again 2 months later. I didn't get pregnant that first month but I did on the second (baby conceived at the end of April).
If you've got some tests coming up maybe you could use that time to get used to the idea of ttc again?

Good luck
Yep Louise that would be the sensible option.. but hey impatience is my middle name.

I think I am just concerned that they will not find anything and a year from now I will still be waiting and by then maybe even more difficult to concieve.... also I have become a teeny weeny bit obsessed already as this m/c was so painful as we were just so over the moon... my previous m/c were with partners I didn't really want in my life long term so this time was more special... so the momentum is there and I so long to be a mum.. now I wish I hadn't waited so long to do anything about it but I cannot change that now.

The m/c is still very recent and I know I am not ready to try this month so over the next few months I hope to be doing something about it - to be honest I cannot even think about s*x yet as the m/c is still so paramount in my mind.. luckily my bloke is very understanding about it all.

The first round of test results should be back October so maybe my chat with the doctors then will help me decide the way forward. But to be honest I would be just so happy if I were pregnant again.. it would take away all the pain and would give me hope for the future..

sorry to ramble... :(
Anna Marie

I reckon you will know when you are ready to try again, hopefully the hospital will get a move on with the tests !

What made it harder for me was the day before my d&c, my sister inlaw had her baby. I was coping with it well but then when i heard the news about her baby i was overcome with emotions, which i wasnt expecting.

Ive seen the baby and he is so sute, i wish he was mine! and i cant wait to have one of my own . Do you have any other kids ?

This was your 3rd miscarriage wasnt it ?

No wonder you are aprehensive, its only natural that you would be
Hi Smudgey,

Sorry you had to go through a m/c too.. and a D&C.. not very nice I hear.

No I don't have any other children... that's why its so important now.. I am 36 so running out of time perhaps.. and yes this is my third m/c but the other 2 m/c's were 10 and 11 years ago [not really right time or circumstances.. and definitely not the right partners then!!] so although I was devastated I bounced back a lot quicker. Now I am with the guy I love and everything felt right when I fell pregant this time - that's why it hurts so much more.

to be honest I find it hard to be around new babies at the moment and I find myself feeling so angry, envious, sad everytime I see a baby. I hope this will pass as many of my friends have babies or are expecting but they are very understanding as to why I am not visiting them at the moment. However my sister in law has a 7 month old and I cannot bring myself to see her and my mother in law is furious... in my opinion they are being insensitive to my feelings expecting me to want to see her but then again they have no idea what its like do they!?

:cry: :cry:

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