Period after birth

Discussion in 'Postnatal Questions' started by Nattles33, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. Nattles33

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    Feb 5, 2019
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    Hi all,

    My little girl is 9 months old <3

    I first got my period 3 months after my c section however I haven't had a period for the last 3.5 months.. Is this normal? Could it still be hormones going back to normal or should I be worrying?

    I'm deffo not pregnant again so don't need to worry about that ha ha x
  2. Kitana

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    Aug 11, 2016
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    I got my AF 10 months after birth because I bf, are your breastfeeding?x
  3. SamCSamSam

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    Apr 4, 2022
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    That's fine! I bought my Ziggy disc couple of weeks after my first birth, and I thought I was being extra ready... But I got my period, like, five months later! It was collecting dust the whole time, I even thought I'd forget that it exists so I was afraid I'd buy a second one LOL Anecdote right now, but back then - I was equally questioning the situation. So don't worry!

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