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pains of pregnancy


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Jul 24, 2007
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today i have had sharp shooting pains across bump (middle of bump) they would come and go at random enough to make me take a deepbreath. baby action was fine and i did not want to panick myself. by late afternoon went.

not sure what they were but really hurt. to top it my head has been banging since last sat and no intention of leaving though my cold is easing up now after nearly 3 wks. this headache is making me feel sick.

marie 25+3
You poor thing i know what you mean though
Ive had a few painfull feelings in my tummy latley and was wondering what was going on. I swear its the baby moving aroung like crazy i havent got to the stage i can feel definate kick as such. But i know when babies awake i saw in my scan its a little active baby. It may be growing pians what stage are you at now???? I am 17 weeks and its at this time the baby has a massive growth spert. I think its the stomach going through a huge stretching exercise. I dont have a definate answer its my first pregnancy that has gone this far. But am sure it is nothing to worry about.
Let me know how you are have you had any further pains.
Sarah :)
:hug: :hug: :hug: I hope the pains better now. I had really bad cramps walking around Asda this afternoon and had visions of me going into labour in the chilled section. They only lasted a few minutes luckily then went away again.
I think it's probably stretching pains we're getting.
Make sure you give the midwife a call if they persist though.
Hope you feel better its probaly growing pains but like the others have said give your midwife a call if your not happy. :hug:

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