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Ovulation testing - basal temperature


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Nov 9, 2007
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I'm new here - was pregnant but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage last weekend and am trying to get my head around trying to concieve again...

I have some questions about ovulation testing! my cycle is all over the place, from 28 - 40 days (so i was really suprised when i got pregnant, as you can imagine!). I did use ovulation pee sticks ( sorry - not sure what the right abbreviations are for all these things so do tell!) but never saw any sign of ovulation so was convinced A) they don't work and B) i was infertile - which i now know i'm not...

As i'm TTC again soon, i'm thinking of using a temperature taking kit instead, (cheaper, and easier to use?).

What do you think? Has it worked for anyone in the past? Does anyone else get ovulation pains as another good indication?


I'm so sorry of your sad loss. :hug:

My cycles have been long the past couple of months so I'm with you on that one. What day did you stop testing last time you used them?

I never got a positive till day 28 the last couple of cycles, which meant I had a 42 day cycle last month.

Maybe you stopped testing too early.

I'm charting my temps this month too, I got a thermometer from Boots and use Fertility Friend to record my temps. It helps to chart as it can pin point when you ovulated in your cycle.

I get ov pains too and tender breasts when I ovulate.

If you don't want to chart, you could just closely monitor your CM. It gets creamy when you enter your fertile time and then changes to more of an egg white consistency when you are at your peak fertile time. Make sure you BD as much as possible when you get either of these types of CM.

Charting gives you a good insight into what is going on with your cycle but it won't give you any indications that you are about to ovulate. It just confirms when you have after the event.

Monitoring your CM will and using opk's will detect the LH surge when ovulation is imminent.

Did it take you long to conceive last time?
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: So sorry for your loss.
Glad you are thinking of the future! Good luck ttc!! :D
So sorry for your loss :hug:

I got pregnant 1st time when we weren't trying, sadly we lost our little one at 9 weeks and are now trying again. As you can imagine the ttc thing was all new to me but reading the charting thread here and taking the course at fertility friend http://www.fertilityfriend.com and taking temps combined with ovulation prediction kits (OPK's) and observing your cervical fluid seems to give me so much info. Admittedly not conceived yet but only cycle 2 post mc so still feeling positive.

Lots of luck :hug: :hug:

I'd second the others.

If you want to chart, get yourself a Fertility Friend chart (or at least read the online handbook to charting on the FF website), then get yourself onto the chartstalkers thread PDQ! A good book to read is Toni Weschler's Take/Taking? Charge of Your Fertility - there are details on a sticky thread at the top of the TTC page. Lots of info about checking cervical mucus (CM), using OPKs, and taking your basal body temp (BBT).

A word of warning - as OPKs pick up HCG as well as LH, you may well get positives on test sticks for a while after your mc. Wait till you get a -HPT (preg test) before using them, or you'll be exhausted well before you actually ovulate...

Also, it's very likely your cycle will take a little while to return to normal. I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle, my period was only a couple of days late, it was that early a mc - but I have no idea what's going on with ovulation this cycle. I've heard it can take anything from 2-12 weeks to ovulate again, so don't beat yourself up about it, but look after yourself :hug:

You should also check with your doctor - not sure about your circumstances, but they need to make sure you're ok again, and that everything comes out :hug: :hug: They may well suggest you wait till after your next period before TTCing - if so, ask why. Might be for your benefit, might be for theirs! They might insist you wait until your HCG levels return to pre-pregnancy, so they can be sure that your body has recovered.

Anyway, welcome to the forum, though sorry to see you in the TTC part - lots of babydust to you, and here's to BFPs for all! :pray: :pray: :pray:

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