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New job


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Mar 1, 2005
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My daughter is now 18 months old so I've decided to go back to work part-time. I have an interview next week but have just found out I'm pregnant again! It's great news but legally how do I stand with my prospective employer - how soon should I tell them? :?
Go and see a doctor first and then tell your employer. If you live in the US he legally can not terminate you because you are pregnant, he just needs to work around what you can and can not do. If you have any more questions PM me.
I live in the UK and I'm sure the laws are the same here. I suppose my dilemma is more of a moral one, should I take a new job knowing I'm pregnant and will be going off on maternity leave in a matter of months? :?:
i think you should, it's source of income and keep you busy for a while. just my advice.

I'm in the UK and an HR Manager. It's up to you if you feel that morally you should disclose your pregnancy at this early stage, however, my advice is keep it to yourself. Unfortunately, there are employers out there who wouldn't have a problem turning you down for a job simply because you are pregnant. :x Obviously this is illegal (sex discrimination), but it's not difficult for them to dream up some other reason, if asked, for rejecting you.

In order to qualify for maternity leave you only need to inform your employer "no later than the end of the 15th week before the week your baby is due" (ACAS).

Good luck with the interview!! :D
Hi there i can so see your situation...i had the same a few yrs back....i conceived my son the same week i started my new job..as i was on a "probation" for the first 6 months i was terrified that i was going to lose my job.....it never came to that lol i even got a promotion...but i didnt tell my employer i was pregnant untill i could no longer hide it ang that was at 5 months lol

he was shocked to say the least...but i kept my job...and worked there for 6 yrs

i really hope this woks out for you

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