Nervous to say the least!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by bertyboo2, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Hi all :)

    Well this is my second pregnancy in the space of 2 years! My son is 11 months and was born at 25 weeks and spent four months in the neo natal unit. He is a wee miracle, and doing great! He weighed only 1lb 13 when he was born and labour was very quick and to be quite honest I cant remember much due to shock and morphine!

    I am now nearing the 37 week mark in this pregnancy and everything has went smoothly albiet had a few scares but i think it was just down to the fact I was over thinking things because of having a premature baby previously.

    When my son came home I found it difficult to bond with him and I will admit it took me a few months to get settled. Now when I look back I do feel bad as I wish I was there more for him. I am certainly making up for lost time.

    So the things I am nervous about are these below and wondering if there is anyone who has been in a similiar situation to me and can help.

    1. Labour itself - This baby is full term and I am absolutely bricking it giving birth to a full term baby!

    2. Newborn baby - Taking the baby home and settling it into a routine, My son was already in a sort of routine with being in neo natal.

    3. Introducing the new baby to my son - how will he cope?

    4. Having two young babies and dealing with them - everyone keeps saying it will be fine and they will grow up together but how hard will it be with the two of them at such a young age?? my son can crawl or anything yet as he is three months behind. Although him being 11 months he is technically the age of a 8 month.

    If anyone has had a similar experience it would be good to hear from you :) xxxxxxx

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