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nasty work colleague


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Jul 18, 2007
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a nasty man at work has just reduced me to tears.

he called up wanting some information about something which i tried to give him - but he was really rude on the phone and ended the conversation without me feeling like i'd helped him.

next thing i know, he's sent a group email out to lots of people (not including me) and tells them all how unhelpful i was!

i complained to 2 of my managers, both of whom immediately complained to him... and he's just emailed an apology of sorts.

but i still feel really upset. i didn't do anything wrong and he doesn't even know who i am - we just work for the same company! yet he sent an email to lots of people including some of my external contacts making this nasty comment about me!

needless to say the hormones took over and i just bawled my eyes out in the office.


am just glad i've got nice managers who stood up for me... thank fook its friday. i'm off to the pub now for an orange juice!!!
B*stard :twisted: :twisted:

I had an incident at work this week too with a guy in the office. I needed something doing on the computer system and this guy was the only one who could access it so my manager asked me to ask him. The cut a long story short when I asked him he pretty much refused then accused me of shouting at him in the office...then he swore at me a few times so I made a complaint.

Anyway 4 days later (when the manager came back from a course) he finally apologised

sending you lots of hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:
thanks hon - i feel better now about it cos all the people he emailed then emailed me saying "what a b*stard" and they cheered me right up.

your colleague sounds like a t*sser too... why do people have to behave in that way??!!

:hug: :hug:

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