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My Mums broke all the rules


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Oct 10, 2007
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She went out in the sales and came back with unisex babygrows, vests and loads of other things. I'm a little mad as i said i'm buying nothing until i have had my scan but i cant stay mad at the excited granny can i.....lol

Theres no stopping her now, me and OH even looked into paying for a scan next week as i won't get one till 14 weeks and with my mum going all goo goo ga ga we want to know eveything is going well for everyones sake.
We found a hospital in sheffield that charge £100 but cant find anymore, anyone else know any round sheffield area?

I#m not having none of the clothes or stuff in our house until its all checked out and proved to be going well.
Aww bless her lol. I know that once I've had my scan OH's Mum will go mad buying thing's, I think my mum will buy the odd thing at first but she's very cautious at the moment like me and I think she will be for a few week's after the scan too.
my mum just didn't listen to anything about a scan, cuz ive put the weight on and got a bump shes out there shopping. wish she would have waited as i'm getting worried now of letting her down, does that sound silly?
No it doesn't sound silly at all. I feel the same about letting them all down. You can't stop people getting excited though, OH's Mum is alway's talking about the baby and I keep telling her not to get too excited just yet but she won't listen. I know it's annoying when people don't respect your wishes but she's just excited. I'm sure you have no need to worry about letting anybody down hun :hug:
Yeah thats the one we found at £100, ooooo i didn't know i could get a private one at jessops i'll ask him on tuesday, thanks for that xxx
i dont know if you can hun but you can hire a private room for after you have baby so i dont see why not, i had a reassurance scan done at hallamshire in the early pregnancy unit at 6 weeks
I'll try anyway, i'm at jessops for my 14 week scan so they might let me have a privite one, just not sure they will let me have my nhs one after that one though. I'll ask the GP and see what he says. Thanks mary.
Aw, that's so cute - I can understand totally why you're being cautious but I'm sure she would be completely sensitive if the worst was to happen (not that it will).

My dad won loads of cuddly toys "for the LO" on those grabber things last time I was pregnant and when I went to visit after the miscarriage I found them hidden by my mum under a sheet in the airing cupboard....I think she's tentatively starting to lift the sheet off now! xx
My mum is dieing 2 buy stuff but i keep yelling at her not 2.

Im also dieing 2 go buy stuff but i have 2 check for sure everythings ok. i don't think i could bare taking it all back.
hi ya, when i had my scans i was told if u have had a privite scan the nhs will not do one as there is no need. when did eveyone have their first scans? I was 16 weeks gone when i had my first one, i thought that was a bit late???
Why not ask her to hang onto them for now?

Good luck with your upcoming scan

My mum has done exactly the same. She can't help herself! I couldn''t help telling her early and within 3 days her and my nan had knitted several cardigans.

I AM 30 - she has been waiting a long time for it. I won't let myself be superstitious about it though.

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