I love the sales!


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Jun 11, 2011
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To be honest normally I hate the sales when shopping for me but I'm loving the sales for baby shopping :) This morning I wandered into town and bought some newborn vests and bodysuits, all half price :)

I must admit it has made me want to know what sex we're having so I could buy gender specific outfits, apart from the basics there wasn't much choice in unisex xxx
awww amazing! I am a mixture between too scared to buy anything proper yet (I have a few bits and a moses basket from when ttc) and having no money to buy anything as my wages took a big hit with being on sick pay!! :( Not even sure they paid me any, but can't sort any of it out until the new year as all the managers at my work seem to still be off!!! Lucky for some :)

I think after our 20 week scan I will want to go crazy especially if Roo's a boy as all my family hand me downs are girls clothes!! xx
Ah that's rubbish about your pay hun. I'm going to hit the shops big time after my 20 week scan, but couldn't resist getting a few bits and pieces. I went out with £20 in my purse so couldn't go too mad. I have seen the car seat I want and it's gone under £100 and I have a voucher so may have to bite the bullet and get that as it's such a bargain. The only big thing I have is the cot, which is in our loft as we were given it. Can't wait for the 20 week scan, am umming and ahhing as to whether to find out the sex xxx
I did same on Monday in Next sale. I got vests and body suits in new baby size, up to 1 month and up to 3 months. My sister also bought me vests and body suits and she was also in Tesco last night and got me baby towels reduced from £6 to £2. :) Thats all I have so far apart from couple of blankets than I have knit. My sister had a baby in March and is lending me a lot of stuff :dance::dance::dance:
Nice one hun, I think I'll have to pop out to the big Tesco and Asda near us next week, see if they've got any bargains. I've decided to pick up bits and pieces when I see them, especially if they're in the sales. I was just sat looking at the vests, I can't believe we're going to have something that small! :) xxx
I know it's crazy. I was just looking at them earlier today too. My local Tesco didn't have any neutral stuff in sale. Mite go have nosey in Asda tomorrow. I hope to pick up wee bits and pieces as I go along now. Save having to spend loads closer to the time. Though getting to borrow stuff from wee sis will help a whole lot. :)
I need to know what im having before i can go shopping, ive loooked but nothing has caught my eye x

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