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My baby is a big one


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May 25, 2007
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I had a scan yesterday and the baby apparently weighs 6lbs 3 approx already :shock: :shock:, bubs weighed 3lbs 9 four weeks ago(- that was some growth spurt) , Dr said baby will be about 8 or 9 pounds maybe even 10 :shakehead:, my friends baby was big like that and she was induced at 38 weeks - I did ask him but he said no, your better going yourself blah blah

Im not going to get worried about it though I just figure you could walk out of the hospital hearing a lot worse :lol:
at 35 weeks i had a scan and they said charlotte was about 8lb 5oz.. she was born 2 weeks later and weighed 7lb 10..try not to stress about it.. the scans are just an estimation to...fundal height mw has said oooh ur measuring big.. i said yep.. i think its normal for me.. i did with charlotte and she was 7lb 10 she said oh ok..
this fundal height stuff makes no sense to me. Even my MW said you can not tell that much by it so i do not understand who they decide needs a growth scan for being too big or small?
They do get it wrong - they told my SIL my nephew would be about 5lbs - he was 7lbs 13.5oz! (that was a scan about a week before he was born!
They don't even estimate size of the baby as far as I'm aware at my docs/hospital, which I find stupid. I mean what if she was so big that intervention was needed? Guess I'm going to have to wait until labour to find out :shock:

Everytime I ask about estimating her weight at my GP (I've been going there 28-34 weeks) they just say they can't do it. I have my next hospital appointment next week so am hoping that I'll get a bit more information then once I can see a midwife, although I don't think I will even get a scan!
i had a scan at 38weeks and he weighed 8lb 5oz, 3 weeks later at birth he weighed 10lb 7.5oz
I was told Tia would be around 6/7lbs when she was born... and she popped out weighing 8lb 9oz. :rotfl:

I had a scan two weeks ago and the baby was around 4lb 8oz and I would say my bump has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks, so goodness knows what size this one will be now. My doc's said the baby was big back then, but it's not really... for a northern European, 8/9 lbs isn't THAT big..

I reckon if I go term this time I'll be looking at a 9lb baby...Not that it bothers me... :) Tia came out dead easy...I've got massive child birthing hips and huge size 7 1/2 feet... :) Docs will want to induce me before then because they are panicky about big babies here, but I won't let them based just on size. :roll:

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