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Apr 21, 2005
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Has any one packed any CD's in your hospital bag?? ive just been putting some stuff together, got some oldies but goodies like Massive attack, some chilled stuff like Jack Johnson new one etc.
Im just wondering if any one had any reccomendations?
Ive downloaded some of my favs on to disc, I wonder if ill even know the CD is on, or it may totaly drive me mad?!
That reminds me. I was supposed to sort this out today.

I used to listen to massive attack when I was in my student days, amongst other similar music.

I'm gonna go off and have a look through my collection.

Thanks for the reminder! :D
so you girlies got cd's done then??
i'm sorting mine out.. have got a range of everything in case i get different moods lol
i'm sure my faves will be slow music and cartoon music though (a spoonful of sugar ALWAYS helps the medecine go down hehe :D )

although asyou say hels i might not even notice the music i will be screaming my head off so bad :shock:
I think we will notice the music...we went to look around the birth centre again tonight and someone had put on some god awful cd. it was an acoustic version of 'all by myself' (no offence if its your 'thing'!)it was the first thing i noticed LOL, ill need something familiar, and may probably only listen to it sub conciously, but want OH to remember what song she was born to!!
I have added more cd's in to the wallet thing, theres about 20 now :oops: ......hope i dont get to listen to them all!! scary thought LOL
I've finally sorted this out!

I've got a few packed now, but I think the one that will work the most is the george michael greatest hits CD, disc 1, which is all his chilling out music.

The DH treated me to a spa pedicure a couple of weeks ago and they were playing it in there and it really chilled me out. If 'different corner' doesn't relax me then nothing will
I think the more chilled out it is the better!!! I have some Indian panpipe/river music and some other similar music.

One thing I will say is try not to have the radio, or anything to popular. Something like I mentioned above is probably best becasue if anything goes wrong you will remember it. My Mum gets upset every time a certain Kylie and Jason song plays becasue it was playing when she lost a baby.
nearly had a heart attack then i had to check the date the thread was made i thought hels was reg again :lol:
dionne said:
nearly had a heart attack then i had to check the date the thread was made i thought hels was reg again :lol:

Hahaha so did I!!!! :rotfl:
I never go back to posts so old, never have time to go through them!

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