Just had a nuchal scan


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Jan 1, 2008
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We've just returned from a private nuchal scan, which was definitely worth the 180 pounds.

We saw a consultant who looked at the foetus in detail showing us and checking the heart, brain, skull, bladder, stomach, arms, legs, cord etc etc. She measured the nuchal fold and showed us what she was measuring.

Combined with the PAPP-A blood test, I was given a 1 in 14,000 chance of Downs - which obviously is good news. They base the measurement on age, weight, EDD, PAPP-A blood test result (a hormone) and nuchal fold measurement.

They will combine this data with the triple blood test to come to another 1 in something chance.

I'm dated at 12+4 but she said she measured 12+6 today, but since it wasn't a dating scan, should remain at 12+4.
That is a really low risk of Down's. You must be thrilled with that! :D

I also had a private nuchal scan this evening but didn't opt for the bloods. My Down's risk was 1 in 3726 which is low risk apparently. The baby's organs, arms, hands, legs, feet, spine were all good although assessing this proved difficult as he/she was very active and refused to sit still. The size did measure smaller than my dating scan had previously indicated but this sometimes happens when the baby is curled up when measured.

Despite the cost, I'm so glad I opted for this scan as it reassures me that things are progressing well.
Brilliant news on your nuchal scan results.

Can I ask where you had that done as you live in my area?
great news on your results hun :hug: xxxxxxx
So glad you had good results! You must have been so happy to see your LO! :D
Bagpuss17 said:
Brilliant news on your nuchal scan results.

Can I ask where you had that done as you live in my area?

I actually live in Cambridge, but am "From" nottingham. I always say that's where I from. I had the nuchal scan at the Rosie Maternity Hospital at Addenbrookes in Cambridge. My friend in Nottingham had one at the Park Hospital (privately).
Ahhh, I see. I never found any local to Notts that did the bloods as well as the scan. That makes sense now :D

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