Is an 11-day luteal phase a problem? How can I lengthen it?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by ams25, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Hi ladies

    So we've been TTC for 5 months now and into cycle 6 as of today. My luteal phase was 7 days in the first cycle after my miscarriage which was an obvious problem but it has been 11 days every cycle since. I was reading that the average LP is 14 days and so now I'm wondering if 11 days is too short and that's why I'm struggling TTC? Does anyone else have a LP this length? What can you do to lengthen it?

    I do have 2 children and had no trouble TTC with them but they were both conceived first month off the pill so I wasn't monitoring LP as I never got the chance! So I don't know if I've always had a 11-day LP or whether it used to be longer. My MC was conceived the first month after I stopped breastfeeding my youngest, my postnatal periods had only returned that same month, so I don't know what my LP was then either. I do believe my MC has messed my body up in some way as it seems so strange to go from TTC immediately 3 times to then having 5 months of nothing :(

    Any thoughts/advice/experience appreciated xx
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    I had a 6/7 day LP when breastfeeding and still managed to get pregnant 3 times so its not always a problem.. Of course there is no way of knowing if this happened to be the months my cycle regulated and thats why I got pregnant but it hadn't shown any signs of doing so. I got my bfps 9dpo so I seem to implant early which might help. I think their are supliments which can help lengthen lp if its a problem. In general I think 11 days should be good enough. Under 10 I think they say can be an issue.

    Sometimes it can take your body a bit to get back to normal after a MC. How far along were you? I got pregnant first try 3 times. The other time it took a couple of cycles but I was breastfeeding and cycles were quite irregular so it was still quicker than expected. After an early loss was one of the times I got pregnant 1st cycle and after DS I got pregnant after one period despite BFing. Then after my MC at 10 weeks it took 5 months which wasnt what I was expecting.
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    I think I read that less than 10 days is a problem, so it ought to be fine. There are supposed to be things you can do to lengthen it but don't know what they are. Good fertility books will probably tell you.

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