Invisible Cardboard Loo Rolls


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Aug 11, 2005
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Are us women the only ones who can see the empty cardboard rolls? Are they invisible to men and children? I've started an experiment to find out for sure.

We have a tiled sort of shelf thing in the bathroom, and this is where the loo roll that is being used is put, as it is conveniently next to the loo. I am forever being the one who puts the empty cardboard tube in the bin. I go in there and a new roll has been started, and next to it is the old one. So, last Friday, I decided to start this experiment. I haven't touched the empty rolls all weekend. :shock: Here is the current state of the shelf.

And yes, an empty bottle of shower gel has appeared there as well today!! It managed to move itself from the shower cubicle, onto the shelf, but hasn't yet found its way to the bin!! :shock:

I know how fascinated you will all be about this :wink: so I'll keep you updated daily!!

Then the question will be "did they go in the bin, or the red sack for cardbard, and the green sack for empty bottles?" The nation awaits the outcome!! :D :D
lol my puppy notices them to lol and then tears em up n waits for me to tidy it up lol
LOL that's sooo funny why not just put them in the bin?? I have noticed now you mention it that I always seem to be the one to throw them away too. But I'd rather them leave the empty loo rolls than pee all over the seat (or floor) and not wipe it up - grrrr I hate that!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hahahahahaha! I have this in my house it seems that my OH can get a new loo roll out and put it on the holder and remove the old one but then has the inability to place the empty one in the bin which you can actually reach whilst sitting on the loo so its not like he has to bring it downstairs! Bloody men he also does that shower gel thing uses it all gets a new one out and leaves the old empty one on the side of the bath again the bin is right next to the bath!!!
LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

im sure my oh and the kids think we have a magic filling up loo roll holder!!
Fantastic!! Never thought of it like that, i just naturally put them in the bin!

:D :D
it's true, i so agree with your theory!! and also in our household this goes for empty milk cartons - they always seem to end up back in the fridge... OH also has a nasty habit of taking the last loo roll (or start the last pack/bottle of any other household item) then forgetting to inform me that we are about to run out... hence several panicky situations where i find myself on the loo, reaching into the cupboard for a new loo roll (as of course only the invisible empty cardboard thing is left on the holder) only to find there are none.... then a frantic search for anything that may act as loo roll - cotton wool is a favourite unless we've run out of that as well, in which case i'm REALLY stuck....! i mean what am i supposed to do if i've done a number 2????????
I love it!!! :lol:

You must stay strong and keep up with the research! I try this with OH who then finally notices things and says stuff like "I'm the only one who changes the loo roll".

Other areas to include in research:
* Number of empty yoghurt pots that sit on the side by the bin without actually every making it there.
* Number of teaspoons that stir tea but don't make it to the dishwasher.
* Junk mail received that is never thrown away.....

I could go on and on and on and on and.......

(Must remember to include this as one of my reasons why I love him in the Post a Pic of your OH thread) :lol:

We have the same prob except he doesnt change it he'll leave it on the roll, then when i sit i dont notice and end up with no toilet paper so i always keep two extra rolls underneath the sink lol, its so a guy thing.
Ps i also hate when he leaves beer bottles by the sink when the box is next to them and the lids on the counter instead of the garbage lol too funny
Thank god it's not just me,
My OH has a few other good habits :?
*the foil inside plastic milk bottles he can't seem to get strength to tear it all off!!

* same with lager cans at side of bin, must be just little too far for him to move

*when made cuppa leaves spoon at side of kettle, bloody kettle is next to sink!!

*My little girl can scrape food into bin but can't seem to manage putting bowl/plate into sink!!!

Whats all that about????
My other one is that my OH has a bit of a hairy chest so when he has a shower and scrubs himself clean obviously some hair comes out and no matter how many times I remind him he never remembers to rinse the bath out afterwards !! Actually I lie he always remembers when i threaten him after I spend an hour cleaning the bathroom out and its all nice and shiny and tidy. he also does a similar thing when he has a shave and I go in there and theres lots of little bits of hair all in the sink where he hasnt rinsed it properly. Its not hard! i think men are more immune to the mess around them! if you ask my OH he'd somehow find a way that it relates back to the cavemen days !
It's exactly the same at my house!

The bin is right next to the loo, but the boys can't seem to get the empty loo rolls into it.

Dust bunnies breed under our sofa. He will happily tell me he's vacuumed and at first sight it looks great, and then I realise that the bunnies are still lurking under everything (I'm refusing to vacuum until he picks up my vacuum as I hate his upright Dyson)

Crumbs and spills on the kitchen counter. Simply not there!

He'll tell me that he's cleaned the bathroom, but all he's really done is wiped his hand around the sink to get the worst of it off. He's usually quite impressed with how shiny everything looks after I've cleaned, but can't seem to work out how I do that trick.

Will use tea towels for anything and everything (including wiping the floor and/or his mouth) and then fold them and put them back in the 'clean' pile!!

He's really not that bad, but just doesn't seem to understand my desire to seperate the clean from the dirty!!

I have found that gimmicks and gadgets help. I got 'magic' cloth for cleaning stainless steel and the cooker is usually spotless as a result. Likewise I got some handi-wipe type kitchen/bathroom cleaners and he'll use those, but can't just rinse a sponge to wipe down surfaces.
You are all making me laugh so much :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its all true! - Tankett you really must keep at it - dont you go putting those empty loo rolls in the bin - see how long it goes on for lol lol

My D/h is exactly the same! Others include:

Similar to Petchy - My O/H will leave a milk carton in the fridge when he has opened a new one and just leaves the old one in the fridge - not sure how long he would leave it there cos I have always moved it after a couple of days.

Shoes - he'll take his shoes off when he comes in the house but leaves them slap bang in the middle of the porch (its only tiny) so when I go out there to empty the bin or whatever I nearly go flying everytime.

Post - when post arrives I put it on table for him to read / sort out - it stays there all week until I lose my temper at the weekend and make him sort it or chuck it.

Doesnt always flush the loo when he goes

Dont we sound awful! But I love him and woudnt change him for the world because...........................

I love him, he makes me a cup of tea in bed every morning and sings to me! (at the minute its Christmas carols), de-ices my car, gets the fire going at night (coal fire that is - nothing naughty im afraid lol lol),

so cant complain really!

Im sure he can think of lots of things that I do that annoy him!

L x
Aw how sweet Lisa, a cup of tea every morning and singing to you!! I think he can be forgiven for all his bad points :D

Yep, there is another one!!! For anyone who reads the 30's post in ttc forum, you'll be aware that I had to clean the bathroom from top to bottom last night, but I left the shelf!! It was killing me!!!!

I have another one as well. He knows what things go into the green recycling bin (paper, cans, plastic bottles, etc) so doesn't throw them in the normal kitchen bin. Instead they are left next to the kitchen sink!!! And then the recycling fairy comes along and takes them outside to the green bin!!!

Lisa - post!!! He'll open it, then leave it on the table on top of the torn envelope. And this is junk mail!!!!!

Skiddo - dust bunnies! Oh yes. Having 2 large dogs and laminate floor, it needs hoovering every day. It is one of my daughters chores, but she never moves the sofas to do underneath them!! And then when the front door is opened, they all fly across the room!! AArrggh!!!
How funny!!!!! :lol:
I wonder when he'll actually realise what he's doing........... probably when he can't fit any more on the shelf!!!!! :lol:
This has made my day!
it is definitely a man thing and i hope the women in the world forgive me for bringing more boys into this world.

i hate it when i sit on the toilet seat (we have one of those patterned ones) and you cant see wee on the seat and you sit on it where the lazy sods havent lifted the seat. :(
I mentioned this tread to my OH last night and gues what we had argument about leaving teaspoons on the worksurface!!! he said he can't see point in creating washing up, I pointed out it was unhygenic, This then lead to the spots of tea/coffe that are never wiped up and he said he did wipe them but as i ppointed out he does wipe them sometimes but leaves the side swimming in water, so whats the point


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