infacol and bites when fed


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Mar 17, 2008
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Hi 2 questions realy

What age do you stop giving infacol and any advice for a biting breastfeeding baby?

Infancol can be stopped when you feel brave enough that colic is gine! It usually stops about 12 weeks ish but can go to 16 or 17 weeks easily. Do you think colic is ove? We weaned off gradually rather than went cold turkey.

I never managed to stop biting, luckily it didnt happen heaps so i tolerated it. Anoher mother i know was told by her HV to try and recognise the signs when he was about to bite and to remove him from the breast first. I don't know how succesfull that was though.

thanks for the reply. ds is 6 months so def doesnt need infacol.
He is fed 4 hourly and bites at no particular time so I cant tell when he is going to do it. I think I am going to have to introduce the odd bottle in the day. I don't want to have to but I want to keep my nipples.

It is strange as he feeds 4 hourly and never for more than 12 mins at a time. He has always been a fast feeder.
Any one else in a similar feeding pattern? x
If my LO bites I yelp and pull him off my boob. He realises he's not supposed to do this now and so generally is good and only nips rather than bites.
It might be teething related :( Lil miss generally only bites when a new tooth has either arrived or just about to. She has bitten my nipple and made it bleed a few times this week and a tooth is on its way :( but its ok. Tbh if you introduce a might be worse off because your LO can happily munch on the bottle teat without any reaction.
when he bites I say ow no biting and he just laughs at me or ignores me and if I take him off the breast he just stares at the ceiling. It is so difficult. I am going back to work in April so was going to stop by then anyway. Oh I don't know what to do. :(

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