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Induction tomorrow - What to expect ?


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Apr 27, 2007
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Well... After months of waiting, after seeing my consultant today Im booked in tomorrow at 9am for an induction.

Im worried :puke:

And dont know what to expect at all.... HELP

Ive been told to ask for the injection not the pessary

Any advice appreciated

Many Thanks, Wish me luck :hug:
Havent heard of injection??? :think:

I was induced and it was fine, mine failed unfortunatley and I had a c section after 36 hour of not progressing past 2cm :x It was an amazing experience and I had such a lovely birth....

Everyone is different, there were 6 girls on my ward all induced ater me and all had their babies before me!!!

Try and relax, I was so relieved to be finally meeting my baby that my excitement took over and I was so chilled (I was TERRIFIED for months before the birth too, had panic attacks and everything :oops: )

Good luck, you will soon be snuggling your little baby :cheer:
:D Well I was induced,it wasn't really anything to worry about....Just try to relax!!I had the prostin gel(like a pessary),the first one on the Friday at around 8pm,I had already started to dilate(around 2cm),started getting what I thought were contractions at around 11 pm,which carried on through the night and stopped around 5am Saturday morning.I then had another gel around 11.30 am Saturday morning,but that did nothing at all,so on the Sunday I had my waters broken,and my God do the contractions come on fast!!!
I think that is what the injection does,brings labour on really quick and strong,and I'm sure it's a drip that you have,but don't quote me on that.
All in all it's nothing to worry about,midwife just gives an internal,then applies the prostin gel,you have to lie on your side for a while,and thats that!

Good luck,hope things get going naturally in the meantime,you never know!! :pray: :hug: :hug:
Try not to worry :hug: I was given a pessary(you have to lay on your side for an hour after it's inserted and stay hooked up to the monitor for a bit)and within 4-5 hours the first contractions had started. I was given the pessary on the Friday at about 5pm and gave birth on the Saturday at 8.52pm. I have posted a link to my birth story below.

http://www.pregnancyforum.co.uk/forum/v ... dy&start=0
Thanks for your advice it is appreciated..

Although, Im not kidding the time now is 4:36am and obviously Im up awake and worried :wall:

Im just going to go into hospital try to relax and hopefully I will not have a bad time :pray:

Theres light at the end of the tunnel so to speak
good luck for today :D i hope everything goes very fast for you :D

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