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IB or AF and a general vent!


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Feb 9, 2005
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I haven't posted on here in ages, but this is just the place to be for me right now because I just don't know what's going on!

I am on Day 27 of what is usually at least a 31 day cycle if not up to 34 or 35 days. I am NEVER 'early' with AF. If anything, I have fairly long cycles.

Day 25 I had some pink spotting. Internet searches and TCOYF suggested that it *could* be implantation bleeding--within the right time frame (6-12 days) of OV. I got excited.

Then this afternoon, Day 27, I have some more, but this time bright red and more plentiful than two days ago, although it doesn't seem to be regular flow.

I am resigning myself to the fact that it must just be my AF and I had a shorter cycle this time around. BUT usually I can tell my AF is coming because of very very mild cramping that I just know is a sign. This can happen 3-4 (or more!) days in advance, right up through the first true cycle day, and this has not happened. I do not 'feel' like I've got my period at all.

Ideas anyone? Argh! I am so frustrated. I am used to thinking I'm pregnant and finding out it was a long cycle. I am NOT used to AF coming this early. Why me?!!
It might be worth taking a test just so that you know for sure. Some women do have bleeds that resemble AF whilst they are pregnant. If it seems out of the ordinary for you, I would do a pregnancy test.

Good luck :D
Yes Mildly, testing would be the obvious course, but I'm nervous about that because it always brings such disappointment. And it's also a sure-fire way of bringing on AF :)

I just went over my 'records' of my cycles over the last few years (that's what 4.5 years of trying will do to you!) and the only time I ever had pre-menstrual spotting was two years ago and it was at the end of a very, very long cycle (CDs 37, 38 and 39). This spotting is CD 25 and 27, so perhaps very different.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and will try to just see what happens before testing. Will DEF test on New Year's Day though. What a great way it would be to start the year with a BFP!

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