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i want


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Sep 11, 2007
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i want to have a home birth and was wondering if anyone else had thought of it or wanted one.

at first i was all for it but now ive a few worrys, i asked my midwife and they said they dont dscuss with me until the 36th week, but ive questions i want answering.

does anyone know if its true that an ambulance waits outside

and also my last baby was 9lbs, im a tiny size 10 5ft so im thinking if the baby is big will i have problems so should i go into the hospital.

any thoughts
all being well il be having a homebirth.
i cant imagine an ambulance waiting outside your house incase something happens as it will take it away from saving lifes.
not sure on the size of your baby did you ahve difficulty give birth to the last one?
lots of others on here have had homebirths and may be able to help you more
manda xx
I'm gonna move this to the "Ask a Mum" section cos more people will be able to answer you there :)
I had a home birth and you definitely don't have an ambulance waiting outside. I am really glad I had a home birth as I was more relaxed. Ellie was a nice 8lb and I am 5'7" but I did tear and had to transfer to hospital for the stitches because the midwife's weren't confident in sewing me back up. When he said "I am not sure where this bit comes from" it was a little concerning. I think I tore mainly because it was such a fast labour (2hrs 15mins!).

Any other questions just ask. I would say go for it, if there are problems you can always transfer to hospital. But TBH you will almost certainly get better care at home as you have 2 midwifes with you (once things really start getting serious), though in my case it was touch and go whether the second midwife was going to get there in time.
thankyou for that. the reason why i want a home birth is because of the midwife situation. my last birth we did mainly on our own, as the midwife wasnt about. also do you go back into hospital for all the baby checks hearing ect.
No, the GP, Midwifes and health visitors came to us for the checks the first few weeks after she was born which was lovely.

The biggist risk though is not having any midwifes available when you call in. I was VERY lucky to get my home birth. The midwife got a call asking him to come onto the ward minutes after he got the call to come out to me. Thankfully because I got in first I got my homebirth :cheer:
I had a home water birth this summer with my first baby (as did trixipaws) - my birth story link is in my signature - feel free to have a read. It was lovely relaxed experience and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. There was definitely not an ambulance waiting outside, it was really chilled.

Valentine Xxx
I had an unplanned homebirth and it was great. I didn't have any of the fuss of getting to hospital or worrying about germs etc. Plus we were up and about in an hour and ordered chinese for dinner! :rotfl: My pregnancy and labour had no complications though.

I was quite against homebirths before I had one as I wanted to be in the hospital with all the gadgets etc but the midwives had everything they need in the homebirth kit they keep in the car including the gas and air, injections etc.

My hubby was saying that they inform the ambulance service that there is a homebirth and if there is an ambulance on standby (?) then it parks in a layby in case of emergency. I don't know where he got this from but one of the midwives who helped me deliver is one of their customers at the moment! :rotfl: ( My dad didn't realise when he went to see her and thought that she knew rather too many details...! :rotfl: )

The only thing I would say is that I haven't met anyone yet who had a baby at the same time as me as you would do in hospital. Not sure what I will do next time but I'm certainly not militantly against anything.
i had a home birth that went really well- im glad i did it and would def do it again.
no there was no ambulance waiting outside but i did get 2 midwives all to myself 100% of the time- thats one massive advantage!
also its nice to be in ur own surroundings and for baby to be born into its own home and spend first nite at home, etc.
altho we did hav to go to hosp the next day for the paediatrician checks.

i cant advise about the big baby, mine was a slightly-below-50th-centile 7 pounds 7 ounces- but i am quite little- 5'4" and size 6 pre-preg (not quite as little as u i kno!)

good luck :hug:

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