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Jan 28, 2010
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I haven't posted on here for quite a few years so alot of you may not know me, me and my husband have been married 9 years come February, we have 3 children together aged 11,9 and 6. After having my daughter back in 2016 my heath started to deteriorate due to a spinal injury, I started to have myoclonic jerking episodes, tremors, extreme fatigue and then one morning woke up completley unable to walk. I am on quite alot of medications one being levatericetam which is used for epilepsy.

Now, when our daughter was born we said that we wouldn't be having anymore, although I know it will be complicated with all the medications I am currently taking I just can't see myself not having any more children, I am only 28 so quite young yet but due to how downhill my health has gone I feel the need to squeeze one more in, my husband has said he doesn't want anymore children end of. But I cannot accept it and I'm scared it is going to cause problems
Hey Charlene, I remember you, my son was born the same time as your daughter so we were here together 6+ years ago, I can't believe it's been that long! Tbh it sounds like another pregnancy would be a lot to put your body through in its current position and I can understand your husband's reluctance! Have you spoken to a medical professional about the implications, including the medication you are on etc? Xx

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