How many?

definately just been on facebook to one of my other friends and she said that she was on that pill too whne she fell pregnant with her now 11 year old and also straight after coming off it with her 6 year old
I had my son in July 2008 and never went back on any birth control...we were lucky that my cycles were regular and easy to track what was going on...used to get very obvious symptoms around ovulation time.

so it was fine when we werent trying, and just as fine when we went back to ttc, although it did take a few months.
started trying april 2008, mc in oct 2008 at 5 weeks, then again in feb 2009 at 10 weeks after which my periods were really irregular and also a bit depressed so didn't get this bfp till mid-jan, sooo excited now though i'm past the danger zone and that we have managed it after nearly 2 years trying.
Hey guys who were on microgynon pill; I had to change to a different pill because had suspicious possible chemical pregnancy bleeding on that pill and concieved DD whilst on it! Makes you think huh?! x x

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